How to Draw a Witch Clipart

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Whether it's Halloween or not, drawing a witch clipart is always a satisfying experience! This fun character is filled with interesting features that are always a joy to duplicate. In this lesson, you will learn how to create a fun alternative using mostly basic shapes, lines and colors.

Witches are present everywhere. You can see them in horror movies, books, graphic novels and in several other medias. These horrible creatures are often depicted flying on brooms on Halloween night. Let's see how we can create one of them in the tutorial available below. :) 

How To Draw A Witch Clipart

Step 1

For this first step, let's draw the head and the body of the witch. You can begin by sketching a large square to form the head of the character. Then, you can draw the eyes and the pupils using large circular shapes. The mouth is done using a long curved line.

Next, the shirt is done using a medium rectangle. The skirt is created from another rectangle that must be larger on the bottom. The hands and the arms are drawn using small rectangles and circles.

How To Draw A Witch Clipart

Step 2

In this second step, you can start by adding the hat and the hair. The object is made from several broken lines as shown below while the hair is represented using long curved lines. Finally, complete this step by sketching a teeth using a tiny square.

How To Draw A Witch Clipart

Step 3

So far the character looks like an old lady wearing a weird hat. Let's add a few details to turn this woman into a terrible (but still adorable) witch. Inside the hat, draw a small belt using a variety of rectangles. Below the shirt, draw a rope made from a long rectangle and several small pointed lines. The breast is created from two small lines.

How To Draw A Witch Clipart

Step 4

Adding colors can also help transforming this woman into a witch. The hat and the skirt can be filled with a dark brown color. The hair is orange and the shirt is green. The skin is also filled with a light green color. The rope and the middle part of the belt are colored in yellow. The teeth can stay white.

How To Draw A Witch Clipart

Wonderful! This witch clipart is horribly cute!

Good work! These are all four steps needed to illustrate a witch properly. Needless to say that you can add or remove details to draw a different version of this character. All options are possible! Feel free to try more characters from the same series if you wish to try something new and different. Have fun with this witch and happy drawing! :)

How To Draw A Witch Clipart

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