How to draw a whale clipart

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Draw this simple whale clipart featuring a front view made from basic elements of this huge, but adorable animal. Whales are usually a little bit tricky to illustrate. Often, you will have access to a side view and several complex shapes will be needed to complete the character. It's not the case here. As you can see below, this whale is easy to duplicate if you can draw simple rectangles and circles (and I am sure you can!). 

The blue whale can be to 100 ft long and weigh up to 200 tons. That's a huge animal to deal with! Did you know that whales and hippopotamuses have a common ancestor? That's pretty weird! Now that we know a little more about this fun animal, let's try to illustrate a simple whale using the tutorial available below. :)

ow To Draw A Whale Clipart

Step 1

Great! Let's start by drawing the body of the character using a large rectangle made from a thick outline. Next, you can sketch two large circles to form the eyes. The pupils are also created from smaller circular shapes. Finally, the mouth can be illustrated from a long curved line as shown below.

ow To Draw A Whale Clipart

Step 2

Good job! The fins of the whale can be created from two triangles that are located on both sides of the rectangle used previously to create the body. These triangles can be made from curved lines. On the bottom of the character, you can draw a tail using two more curved lines.

ow To Draw A Whale Clipart

Step 3

Next, the blowhole on top of the head is done using a small oval shape. On the stomach of the whale, you can draw a long curved line to form a patch. Excellent! This illustration is almost completed. Let's add colors to bring this character to life! :)

ow To Draw A Whale Clipart

Step 4

The body of the whale can be filled with a light blue color. Use the same color inside both fins and on the tail. The pupils are darker, just like the blowhole over the eyes. Finally, the patch on the stomach of the whale can be filled with a brighter version of the same blue color used on the body.

ow To Draw A Whale Clipart

Great job drawing a fun whale clipart in just four steps!

This tutorial is now completed, but this doesn't mean that your job is over! Indeed, you are invited to try more whales that are challenging and fun to work with. create from thick outlines and round shapes.basic shapes, but the character has larger eyes.pretty basic and extremely cute

from complex shapes and digital effects.this version has it all: complex lines, shadows, reflections and more

ow To Draw A Whale Clipart

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