How to Draw
A Vector Space Image

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In this tutorial, I will show you how to draw a simple vector space illustration featuring two planets, a sun, a dark background and an astronaut.

Using only a few basic shapes, some gradient fill effects and a little bit of transparency is all it takes to achieve our goal. You will see that creating an image like this one can be done within a few minutes only.

Of course, you can always play around with your tools to create something more complex and realistic. However, I have decided to draw an illustration that is simple and not filled with many stars, planets and other similar stuff. Your image doesn't need to be complex to be enjoyable!

Step 1

vector space

In the first step, create the main planet. To do so, use a circle and fill it with a light blue color. To illustrate the depth of your planet, use the gradient fill tool and apply a dark color (black) for the second color of your gradient. If you can use a circular fill, the effect will be more effective.

Step 2

vector space
vector space

For this step and the following ones, two images are displayed. The first one is featuring the changes (the top image) and the other one shows the result so far. For this step, I added a few stripes on my planet. Stripes are made with a light color and borders are blurry. The left side of the stripes are also fading using the transparency tool.

Step 3

vector space
vector space

In this third step, I have created a darker shape to be applied on the planet. My goal was to illustrate darker clouds that could be seen on the dark side of the planet. A few clouds are also visible on the right side of the object. Nice! Our vector space image is great so far!

Step 4

vector space
vector space

This step is quite simple. A small halo was created around the planet. It's a simple trick to make sure that the planet is entirely visible and since I will add a sun behind it, this little halo adds more credibility to the presence of this new element (the sun).

Step 5

vector space
vector space

A small planet is also drawn on the right of the illustration. The three steps required are shown in the top image. First, created a grey circle. Next, apply a simple gradient effect to give depth to this new planet. Finally, a small fractal cloud layer was added to simulate the clouds. It's a very simple way to create a planet in one minute or less!

Step 6

vector space
vector space

It's now time to add the sun. Create a small circle and apply blurry borders to this new shape. You can also create a small halo using another small circle's outline that you can also blur.

Step 7

vector space
vector space

Your vector space illustration wouldn't be completed without a few spots of blue gas around the planet. It might be hard to see on the top image, but this effect needs to be subtle in order to keep the illustration readable.

Step 8

vector space

Nice! Your space image is now done! You can add a few things like spaceships or even an astronaut if you want to. I hope you had fun creating this nice and simple illustration! :)

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