Misc Effects In Your
Vector Graphic Editor

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You can use your vector graphic editor to create many simple effects. Using a couple of simple tools can help you create amazing drawings in a fraction of the time it would take if everything was done by hand! A real time saver!

In this page, I will show you a sample of what you can do with these tools and hopefully, you will be able to make good use of these tips once you will try to create a masterpiece in your software!

Note: This tutorial was made using Xara Xtreme. Some effects might not be available in your software.

Effect #1


The first effect is a simple Boolean operation. Using a simple shape, you can use this one to cut another object instead of drawing this shape by hand.

Effect #2


In this second example, instead of cutting an object with another, you can join to objects to create a new one!

Effect #3


This third example is similar to the first one. However, like you can see, no pieces are left behind! It's perfect to create a big hole in a shape using an irregular object!

Effect #4


Other tools are giving you the opportunity to play with the outline of your object. Think of them as funny filters that could fit in a specific project (but not all!)

Effect #5


You can also play with your shape like if this one was printed on a piece of clothing. Very practical and easy to work with!

Effect #6


Using perspective is also a good idea when you want to create a dynamic cartoon image! The second star is definitely more interesting to look at!

Effect #7


Other filters will give you the opportunity to play with the outline of your shape. Once again, use this special effect with care!

Effect #8


Motion blur is also cool to simulate speed in a drawing.

Effect #9


Finally, you can apply a wide variety of filters to create special textures to your object. Remember that textures are interesting to use for a complex drawing, but might not be appropriated for all cartoon images. They can be distracting and visually irrelevant! Enjoy playing with your vector graphic editor!

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