How to Create Texture Images

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In this tutorial, I will show you how to create texture images using a simple painting software. In this case, I will use Painter Essentials 4 from Corel. I recommend this software if you are new to painting software. It's easy to use and the results are great! 

In this step-by-step drawing lesson, I will use my imagination to create an original texture that doesn't necessarily belong to an object!

Step 1

texture images 1

First, use a grey tone and apply this color to the background. Try to choose a color that is not too dark or too light.

Step 2

texture images 1

Next, just pick up a brush and draw some lines randomly on the image. Don't fill the entire space, otherwise the background color will become useless!

Step 3

texture images 1
texture images 1

For this step (and all the ones remaining), I will show you two images. The first one on the left will be an isolated layer of the changes that I have done for this particular step.

The second image, on the right, is the result of this step and the previous ones. In this case, as you can see on the black background (for better visibility), I have applied some light grey lines to the drawing. On the right, the result so far is still interesting, but not quite good enough for me!

Step 4

texture images 1
texture images 1

Let's continue working on our artwork by adding small, white lines like shown on your left. You can see the result so far on the right. This texture is coming along great!

Step 5

texture images 1
texture images 1

In order to create some effective texture images, you might want to apply dark lines over the bright ones. This step will help you find the right balance between a texture that is too dark or too bright!

Step 6

texture images 1
texture images 1

Now it's time to make our texture a little more rough! Like you can see on your left, I have added a little airbrush effect using a dark (almost black) color.

Step 7

texture images 1
texture images 1

And of course, in this step, I have added a little airbrush effect too, but this time using a white tone (shown on the black background on your left).

Step 8

texture images 1
texture images 1

Finally, to complete this tutorial, I have sketched some thin and subtle white lines. This gives a "scratchy" looks to the texture! That's it for this drawing lesson! I hope you had fun making this one! The point of this tutorial is really to show you how to create texture images using a painting software. 

It's important to add several layers, switching between dark tones and bright ones. You might have to create 20 or more layers before creating a texture that you are proud of! The most important thing is to keep working on it until you are 100% satisfied!

Have fun and happy drawing!

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