Spider Drawing
(Sketching + Vector)

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Maybe you think that creating a spider drawing will be a creepy experience? Trust me. I can be fun to draw this very useful creature! I have designed a simple cartoon character that should be quite easy to duplicate.

Adding shadows and reflection is also quite easy since this illustration is not filled with too many colors. In fact, it's the perfect tutorial if you are not familiar with the drawing techniques available in this series.

Step 1

Spider drawing

Let's move on with this tutorial by drawing a simple version of the spider. As you can see, I deliberately created only the legs from the left side. Adding the other legs will be easy using the vector application.

Step 2

Spider drawing

Convert your sketch into a digital file and open your software. Using the drawing tool, add black outlines on a new layer. As you can see on the illustration above, it doesn't matter if lines are not perfectly aligned with the original sketch.

Step 3

Spider drawing

Create a second layer and draw solid shapes filled with plain colors. The character is mostly grey and only the large teeth in front can be colored with a lighter tone of grey. Of course, pupils must be black while the eyes are 100% white.

Step 4

Spider drawing

Let's add a first effect using the gradient tool. Presuming that the light source is located on the top of the illustration (and also slightly on the right), add a large dark area on the bottom left of each shape of the spider.

Step 5

Spider drawing

Shadows made with the gradient tool are nice, but we can also create new shapes to represent stronger shadows on areas that are not affected by the light source. Add a new layer between the outlines and the solid shapes and illustrate these darker areas as shown above.

Step 6

Spider drawing

Great! These new elements are perfect, but using the transparency tool, you can partially hide the top part of each shape for a more subtle result.

Step 7

Spider drawing

To create reflection, you need to duplicate almost every solid shape used to form the cartoon character. Also, each shape must be scaled down a little bit to leave a small space between the outlines and these new elements.

Step 8

Spider drawing

Once again, select the transparency tool and partially hide the bottom part of each shape created in the previous step.

Step 9

Spider drawing

I usually like to modify the color of the outlines and select colors that match the ones used to fill the character. However, since the spider drawing is made from dark colors, only the outlines used to create the teeth can be modified.

Good job! Your illustration is now completed and don't hesitate to try more cartoon character from the same series. Enjoy! :)

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