How to Draw
A Sky Vector Illustration

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Drawing a simple sky vector illustration is not very difficult. In this simple tutorial made for vector software users, I will show you a few basic tips to create a nice sky with cool clouds and a hot sun. You only need to know how to use the gradient tool and the transparency tool to achieve this drawing lesson.

Once you know how to create your own illustration of a sky, don't hesitate to play around and experiment a little. You can try different tones of blue or different shape of clouds. Possibilities are endless and you are limited by your imagination only.

Step 1

sky vector image

First, create a single shape and apply some light blue on it. You can use your gradient tool to create an effect similar to the one above. Just make sure that the outside area is darker and don't hesitate to use the circular effect for a better result.

Step 2

sky vector image

Next, add a few clouds on the bottom of your illustration. You can use a different tone of blue to color these shapes. Both clouds are also created with the gradient tool and the bottom part of each cloud should be darker.

Step 3

sky vector image

Continue working on your sky vector image by adding another cloud on the bottom. To make your new shape more readable, use a darker tone of blue.

Step 4

sky vector image

Finally, add two more clouds on top of the picture. Make sure that the bottom part of each cloud is flat for a better result.

Step 5

sky vector image

In this step, create a shape inside each cloud to illustrate light reflection. Make sure that your new shapes are slightly smaller and leave a small space near the outline of your original shapes. Using the transparency tool, hide the bottom part of each new shapes.

Step 6

sky vector image

On top of the illustration, add another small cloud using the same colors are the previous ones. No need to add reflections on this one.

Step 7

sky vector image

To enhance your illustration a little, create a sun with a round shape and apply some blur around it. Then, create another similar shape below the first one, but make this new shape bigger. Apply some transparency on it.

Step 8

sky vector image

Finally, to complete your sky vector illustration, create a few sunlights using rectangular shapes. Not everyone enjoys this kind of addition, so you can skip this step if you don't like it. Congratulations! Your illustration is now finished!

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