Drawing A Sci-Fi Cartoon Character

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Can you draw this adorable Sci-Fi cartoon illustration featuring an alien character being lost? If you own a vector application, then you should be able to create a similar version using a few basic tips that are easy to master.

If you are struggling creating this cartoon character, then don't hesitate to sketch a simpler version while still using the tips displayed here to enhance your illustration. Ready? Great! Let's start working on this cartoon alien from far away! :)

Step 1

First, draw the character using simple shapes and outlines. This illustration is rather basic. Most parts of the cartoon character are made from basic shapes and lines are either straight or slightly curved. You can start adding colors to the outlines or wait for the next step to add all colors simultaneously. 

Step 2

Cool! Now let's add those plain colors inside these shapes. The alien is similar to a large squid with all the tentacles. That's why a subtle pink color was used to fill in this one. The helmet and the shirt are colored in blue while the radio is black, grey and red. Don't forget these bright green pupils! 

Step 3

Using the gradient fill tool, add a second color to each element of the illustration. For example, the bottom of the helmet is filled with a dark blue color while the top is filled with a brighter version of the same color. Repeat the same technique on all shapes.

Step 4

It's now time to add a few shadows on the image to create more depth and volume. You can draw new shapes under the helmet, on the left part of the face, on both arms, on the pupils and on the tentacles. Each new shape must be the same color (but darker) than the shape below. You can also play with the opacity of these new shapes to create a more subtle result. 

Step 5

For this last step, you can also draw more shapes. This time, these new elements are used to represent highlights. All shapes must be 100% white and almost invisible on the bottom part. 

This cute Sci-Fi cartoon character is now done! :)

This is the final result once all shapes and colors are added. As you can see, this character is not so tough to create, but adding all these effects can be more challenging. I hope you had fun working on this character and don't hesitate to try more images from the same series

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