Princess Cartoon (Advance Vector Tutorial)

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This cute little princess cartoon is still looking for the right prince to make her happy! If you don't feel like you should be the chosen one, then maybe you could just try to draw her as cute as possible. And don't forget to use all your drawing abilities to add wonderful colors and shadows to your creation!

Important note: For each step available below, the first image represents the operation you must perform for this particular step. All changes are surrounded by a red outline.

On the second image, you will have the opportunity to see the result of this particular step. 

Step 1

Princess cartoon
Princess cartoon

Of course, the first step when creating a character using a vector software is to draw the subject using simple shapes and dark outlines. If you prefer to draw your own princess, please feel free to do so. Your character doesn't have to be 100% similar. Once you are done, use the fill tool to create simple plain colors.

Step 2

Princess cartoon
Princess cartoon

Great! Now it's time to use the gradient tool to add a 3D effect to your illustration. The best way to proceed would be to select each shape individually and apply the effect separately. Just remember to create the dark part of the shadow on the bottom of each shape. 

Step 3

Princess cartoon
Princess cartoon

When you are ready to move on with the next step, create additional shapes on the eyes and the pupils to represent reflection. Each circle must be white and slightly transparent on top. You can also add new shadows below the hair, on the shoulders and on the necklace of the princess cartoon. The transparency tool is always useful to partially hide your new shape and create something even more realistic.

Step 4

Princess cartoon
Princess cartoon

We are not done yet! We also need to create new elements to enhance the crown, the face, the arms and the bottom part of the dress. Remember that for each new shapes you are adding, you must choose a dark tone of the color available below. 

Step 5

Princess cartoon
Princess cartoon

Finally, you can also apply more effects below the crown, on the inside part of the hair and on the dress. Each time you are adding a new shadow on your cartoon princess makes her more vivid and colorful.

Don't be fooled! As you can see, creating a 2D illustration that almost looks 3D is quite easy if done properly. The worst thing you could do is add too much details. You would end up with something very hard to read!

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