How to Draw a Parrot Clipart

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In this simple tutorial, you will learn to draw a parrot clipart made from simple elements and several bright colors. You will have the opportunity to sketch a front version of this animal using a large rectangle, small circles and some basic lines.

Parrots are adorable birds know for their abilities to imitate the human voice. Some species can easily be kept as pets while others are better left in the wild. Parrots are eating mostly fruits, nuts and seeds. Unfortunately, some species are also endangered because they are so popular among humans. 

Below you can see the final version that will be created for this tutorial. Although this character is complicated because of all the colors and smaller details available inside the illustration (compared to characters from the same series), this bird is still accessible and easy to sketch. Ready? Let's start this drawing lesson now! :)

How to Draw a Parrot Clipart

Step 1

Cool! Let's start with the creation of a large rectangle to form the body of the character. On top of this shape, draw a small triangle (on the right) to illustrate a little bit of hair. Complete this first step by drawing four circular shapes (two large and two small circles) to represent the eyes and the pupils of the cartoon parrot.

How to Draw a Parrot Clipart

Step 2

Next, draw a large beak made from a triangle below the eyes. This shape can be made from curved lines instead of straight ones. Then, sketch some wings using pointed lines. Finally, you can draw two small feet using once again small curved lines.

How to Draw a Parrot Clipart

Step 3

In this third step, you can start by adding a tail to the animal using a small triangle. Around the eyes, a large circular patch is also added. Two small stripes are created on both wings. This is it for the drawing part of this tutorial. It's now time to add colors and bring this character to life.

How to Draw a Parrot Clipart

Step 4

For this drawing lesson, I have decided to add a bright red color on the body. The wings are blue and yellow while the beak and feet are orange. The eyes and the patch around these eyes are white and the pupils are black. All outlines are filled with a dark red color.

How to Draw a Parrot Clipart

Here are all steps to create a parrot clipart!

Nice work! I hope you had fun working on this parrot clipart. If you feel like it, you can also try this complex and colorful cartoon parrot from a different series. Enjoy both tutorials and don't forget to practice often if you want to get better at drawing. That's the ultimate tip I can give you!

How to Draw a Parrot Clipart

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