Isometric Drawings

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Sometimes, in video games, to create an illusion of 3D on a 2D surface, isometric drawings are used. This simple technique isn't realistic, but it's very effective if you want to follow the action on a big scale. 

Since no vanishing points are used, you must find the right angles in order to create a nice background that is tilling accurately. Let's see how you could create an isometric view in one of your comic strip!

Step 1

isometric drawings

Like I said earlier, an isometric view doesn't have any vanishing points. All lines that you are sketching must be in a 30 degrees angle. The other lines (that we will add later) are simple, vertical lines. This means that for now, all your lines will be parallel. Make sure that the distance between each set of lines is the same.

Step 2

isometric drawings

If you sketched everything carefully, you should have an angle of 120 degrees between two opposite lines like shown in the image above.

Step 3

isometric drawings

When you are ready, just build a large surface using the same pattern. If you are able to make all shapes similar in sizes, that would be great!

Step 4

isometric drawings

To help you read the image better, I have colored the top of each shape that I will create with a light blue tone. For the bottom part (that will be hidden by both sides later on), I have used a darker tone.

Step 5

isometric drawings

It's time to join the top and bottom of each shape! In the image above, I have created only the shapes on the left to help you see how I did it. Only vertical lines are needed for this step!

Step 6

isometric drawings

Do the same for all remaining shapes. Notice that the angle between a vertical line and one that was created in the first step should be 60 degrees.

Step 7

isometric drawings

Great! Just add some colors and you are done! You now have a nice image with a simple isometric perspective drawn in only seven easy steps! This technique is very effective if you want to display a large portion of the action without missing any elements of it! Now you know how to build isometric drawings! Enjoy!

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