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Kid Clipart

Illustrating a kid clipart is always a fun experience when you can use a tutorial as fun and easy as this one!

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Irish Clipart

Learn how to draw an Irish clipart featuring a fun character filled with simple details and lots of ... green colors!

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Indian Clipart

In this basic drawing lesson, I will show you how to create an indian clipart made from colorful shapes and basic elements.

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Grandpa Clipart

In this lesson, I will show you how to create an adorable grandpa clipart using mostly rectangles and a few appropriated colors.

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Grandma Clipart

Learn how to create a grandma clipart in no time using simple shapes, lines and colors.

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Girl Clipart

Create a simple girl clipart using a large rectangle and a few additional basic elements in just four easy steps.

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Ghost Clipart

This simple and adorable ghost clipart can easily be illustrated using this tutorial designed for everyone!

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Firefighter Clipart

Learn how to draw a cool firefighter clipart ready to get to work!

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Fairy Clipart

It's a magical lesson featuring a colorful fairy clipart that can easily be drawn in just four easy steps!

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Elf Clipart

In this adorable tutorial, I will show you how to draw a fun elf clipart made from simple elements and filled with plain colors.

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Doctor Clipart

You can easily learn how to draw a doctor clipart using this simple drawing tutorial featuring a lovely character made from basic elements. :)

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Dentist Clipart

Draw an adorable dentist clipart wearing a nice suit and all the accessories needed to take care of everyone's teeth. :)

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Demon Clipart

There is nothing evil about this demon clipart! It's only a fun drawing lesson that you should be able to illustrate easily! :)

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Cupid Clipart

In this simple tutorial, I will show you how to illustrate a cupid clipart that is adorable and armed to create new couples!

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Cowboy Clipart

Learn how to create a simple cowboy clipart made from rectangles and squares.

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Construction Worker Clipart

Learn how to build a fun construction worker clipart using all the basic tools needed to achieve your goal!

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Clown Clipart

This funny clown clipart can easily be drawn using this simple drawing lesson and a few basic tips also found here! :)

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Child Clipart

Create a fun child clipart using this simple drawing tutorial featuring a basic character made from rectangles, circles and squares.

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Chief Clipart

Create a visually interesting chief clipart using this simple lesson accessible to everyone!

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Chef Clipart

Create an adorable chef clipart using simple basic shapes and a colorful template that can easily be duplicated.

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Boy Clipart

Learn how to create a colorful boy clipart using simple squares, rectangles and circles.

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Boss Clipart

Learn how to draw a simple boss clipart that is friendly, good-looking and that won't ask you to work up to 11 in the evening! (just kidding!:)

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Artist Clipart

Learn how to create a digital artist clipart using this fun drawing lesson that can be achieved by anyone!

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Angel Clipart

Learn how to create a cute angel clipart using basic elements and three simple steps (and another one to add colors!).

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Alien Clipart

Learn how to create a fun alien clipart using a large rectangle, a few basic circles and a good old pencil!

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Zebra clipart

This black and white zebra clipart is easy to draw, even for beginners and young artists!

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Wolf clipart

Draw a cute wolf clipart using this basic lesson that is accessible and easy to achieved.

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Whale clipart

Draw this simple whale clipart featuring a front view made from basic elements of this huge, but adorable animal.

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Turtle clipart

You can do it! Slowly, but surely, this turtle clipart can be drawn using only four basic steps and a few rectangles and circles.

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Turkey clipart

No need to wait for Thanksgiving to sketch this adorable turkey clipart made solely from basic shapes and colors.

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Tiger clipart

Work with a beautiful tiger clipart to create a simple and fun cartoon character in just four easy steps.

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Squirrel clipart

A cute squirrel clipart is the subject of this simple drawing lesson. :)

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Snake Clipart

Create a cute snake clipart using this adorable lesson perfect for beginners.

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Snail Clipart

Another simple character (a snail clipart) can be drawn in this exclusive lesson based on a basic template made from circles and rectangles.

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Skunk Clipart

More complex than similar tutorials from the same series, this skunk clipart is still quite easy to create once you are familiar with all steps needed to illustrate this adorable cartoon character.

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Sheep Clipart

Learn how to create a simple sheep clipart using these four easy steps.

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Shark Clipart

Draw a not so dangerous shark clipart using basic elements and a simple step-by-step process accessible to virtually anyone!

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Seal Clipart

Create a front version of a seal clipart using only squares, circles and other simple elements.

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Rhino Clipart

Create a front version of a rhino clipart using a simple drawing lesson perfect for beginners! :)

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Razorback Clipart

Create a cool razorback clipart filled with bright red colors, basic shapes and sharp horns.

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Raven Clipart

Illustrate a simple raven clipart using basic shapes and black colors.

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Rat Clipart

Create a cute rat clipart using a simple template as a reference in this easy tutorial accessible to anyone.

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Raccoon Clipart

Create a cute raccoon clipart made exclusively from basic elements using only four steps and a pencil.

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Rabbit Clipart

It's time to illustrate a simple rabbit clipart using an easy step-by-step drawing lesson and a cool template made from adorable shapes.

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Puppy Clipart

Draw a colorful puppy clipart made with love, basic shapes and simple lines.

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Pony Clipart

Learn how to illustrate a wonderful pony clipart done using simple basic elements.

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Polar Bear Clipart

Need something refreshing? Why not draw a cute polar bear clipart like the one displayed here using simple elements and subtle colors?

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Pig Clipart

Learn how to create a simple pig clipart using simple elements that anyone can draw.

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Penguin Clipart

Draw a cute penguin clipart using only basic shapes like shown in the tutorial available here. :)

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