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Werewolf Clipart

See the full moon above? It simply means that it's time to draw a cool werewolf clipart using this simple step-by-step tutorial! ;)

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Waiter Clipart

We are open! Learn how to create a wonderful waiter clipart ready to serve clients and make your journey on this site a perfect one!

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Viking Clipart

Take a trip into the past by sketching a viking clipart that is adorable and cute ... unlike the real characters!

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Vampire Clipart

Even if we are working on a vampire clipart, this won't be a bloody drawing lesson! I promise!

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Teacher Clipart

What better lesson than one based on a teacher clipart to learn to draw fun and amusing cartoon illustrations!

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Superhero Clipart

Save the world by drawing a superhero clipart that will protect us from evil and keep peace on earth!

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Student Clipart

Study this student clipart carefully before proceeding with this lesson related to school!

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Soldier Clipart

Create a colorful soldier clipart that is adorable, good-looking and ready to execute some orders!

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Snowman Clipart

No need to hurry! This adorable snowman clipart won't melt! You have plenty of time to work on it! ;)

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Santa Clipart

Whether it's Christmas time or not, drawing a cool santa clipart is always a fun task to perform!

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Robot Clipart

Assemble all pieces and create an adorable robot clipart that is simple, but visually appealing.

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Queen Clipart

A kingdom wouldn't be completed without a beautiful queen clipart dressed with style and bright colors!

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Princess Clipart

A kingdom would not be functional without a beautiful princess clipart made from simple shapes like rectangles and circles.

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Prince Clipart

Create a royal drawing using this lesson featuring a prince clipart made from priceless shapes and expensive colors!

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Police clipart

In this simple tutorial, let's learn how to draw a police clipart that is visually simple and easy to illustrate.

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Pirate Clipart

Creating a cute pirate clipart can be done easily with this fun tutorial perfect for anyone!

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Nurse Clipart

No need to work in a hospital to illustrate a fun nurse clipart like this one using basic elements!

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Mummy Clipart

From ancient Egypt, this adorable mummy clipart is ready to be drawn ... and then take over the world!

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Monster Clipart

There are several reasons to draw a monster clipart ... the best one being the fact that you can create virtually anything you want!

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Mom Clipart

Draw a fun mom clipart that is adorable and visually cute!

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Maid Clipart

Time to clean up the mess! A cute maid clipart is available to help us, unless you simply want to learn how to draw this unique character!

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Lumberjack Clipart

No need to cut this page in half if you can't learn how to create a cute lumberjack clipart like this one! All you need is a pencil, a piece of paper and a little bit of patience!

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Leprechaun Clipart

No need to be afraid of this cute leprechaun clipart! Everything is adorable about this fictional cartoon character!

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Lady Clipart

Elegance, beauty and personality are available through this lady clipart that is featured in this simple and accessible lesson perfect for everyone!

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Knight Clipart

Why not learn how to create a fun knight clipart fun basic shapes and pay a tribute to this iconic character from the past!

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King Clipart

You can now draw an adorable king clipart in just four easy steps using the drawing tutorial found on this page.

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Kid Clipart

Illustrating a kid clipart is always a fun experience when you can use a tutorial as fun and easy as this one!

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Irish Clipart

Learn how to draw an Irish clipart featuring a fun character filled with simple details and lots of ... green colors!

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Indian Clipart

In this basic drawing lesson, I will show you how to create an indian clipart made from colorful shapes and basic elements.

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Grandpa Clipart

In this lesson, I will show you how to create an adorable grandpa clipart using mostly rectangles and a few appropriated colors.

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Grandma Clipart

Learn how to create a grandma clipart in no time using simple shapes, lines and colors.

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Girl Clipart

Create a simple girl clipart using a large rectangle and a few additional basic elements in just four easy steps.

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Ghost Clipart

This simple and adorable ghost clipart can easily be illustrated using this tutorial designed for everyone!

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Firefighter Clipart

Learn how to draw a cool firefighter clipart ready to get to work!

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Fairy Clipart

It's a magical lesson featuring a colorful fairy clipart that can easily be drawn in just four easy steps!

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Elf Clipart

In this adorable tutorial, I will show you how to draw a fun elf clipart made from simple elements and filled with plain colors.

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Doctor Clipart

You can easily learn how to draw a doctor clipart using this simple drawing tutorial featuring a lovely character made from basic elements. :)

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Dentist Clipart

Draw an adorable dentist clipart wearing a nice suit and all the accessories needed to take care of everyone's teeth. :)

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Demon Clipart

There is nothing evil about this demon clipart! It's only a fun drawing lesson that you should be able to illustrate easily! :)

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Cupid Clipart

In this simple tutorial, I will show you how to illustrate a cupid clipart that is adorable and armed to create new couples!

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Cowboy Clipart

Learn how to create a simple cowboy clipart made from rectangles and squares.

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Construction Worker Clipart

Learn how to build a fun construction worker clipart using all the basic tools needed to achieve your goal!

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Clown Clipart

This funny clown clipart can easily be drawn using this simple drawing lesson and a few basic tips also found here! :)

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Child Clipart

Create a fun child clipart using this simple drawing tutorial featuring a basic character made from rectangles, circles and squares.

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Chief Clipart

Create a visually interesting chief clipart using this simple lesson accessible to everyone!

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Chef Clipart

Create an adorable chef clipart using simple basic shapes and a colorful template that can easily be duplicated.

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Boy Clipart

Learn how to create a colorful boy clipart using simple squares, rectangles and circles.

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Boss Clipart

Learn how to draw a simple boss clipart that is friendly, good-looking and that won't ask you to work up to 11 in the evening! (just kidding!:)

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Artist Clipart

Learn how to create a digital artist clipart using this fun drawing lesson that can be achieved by anyone!

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