How to Draw Birds
(Video Tutorial)

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Learn how to draw birds that are cute, made with simple shapes and easy to draw! As you can see, the character below is not very difficult to reproduce.

If you are someone who needs a strong visual support to learn something, then I suggest that you look at the video below. All steps are described on the left of the cartoon character and you can always you the pause button if you need to work on a specific part of the character.

If you prefer to go with the good old written version, you will find it on the bottom of the screen. Please note that you won't be able to watch the little animation at the end of the video if you select the written version. Of course, you can also proceed with both if your choice is not made yet! 

Title: How to draw birds - 2:25 minutes

Important note: All videos are copyrighted. If you want to share these online tutorials, feel free to do so. Please read the terms of use available on Youtube before proceeding. All characters are original creations. Sounds and music are from If you need more information about this video, please use the contact link in the left menu.

Illustrated version of this drawing lesson

Here is the written (or illustrated) version of this drawing lesson featuring a cute red bird. As you can see, the body is made of a small oval shape that is rounded on top and flat on the bottom.

Wings are made with circular shapes while feet are made with oval shapes. Circles are used to create the pupils and the eyes. Finally, the beak is made of two triangles and the stomach is covered by a large round shape.

How to draw birds
How to draw birds
How to draw birds
How to draw birds
How to draw birds
How to draw birds
How to draw birds
How to draw birds
How to draw birds
How to draw birds
How to draw birds

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