How to Draw A Werewolf

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This easy tutorial will help you learn how to draw a werewolf! These ferocious and feared half-human/half-animal creatures are extremely popular in a genre like horror. Unlike Cinderella, the transition from a state to another isn't for the best! 

Werewolf are aggressive, feared and capable of killing everything (or everyone) in a short period of time! Let's see how we could draw a werewolf easily in this simple drawing tutorial!

Step 1

How to draw a werewolf

First, draw an oval to represent the head. Make it longer than large. Next, just add two small triangles to form the ears of our creature.

Step 2

How to draw a werewolf

Now the tough part begins! We want to draw a muscular and strong animal. So we will need quite a few shapes to achieve this effect! First, draw a big oval to form the thorax of our werewolf.

This is represented by the lower red shape on the image above. Then, draw two small circles on each side to form the shoulders. When you are done, draw another circle above the head to create the neck. The head of our character should be leaning forward a little.

Step 3

How to draw a werewolf

Continue to sketch the body by adding another small oval shape below the thorax. Then, add a small rectangle to form the waist. Don't hesitate to make these shapes small. Your werewolf will look bigger that way!

For the arms, draw two circles to illustrate the arm and the forearm. Then, just sketch a rectangle for the wrist and a circle for the hand.

Step 4

How to draw a werewolf

The legs are also offering a nice challenge! Draw a rectangle to create the hips. Then, sketch two oval shapes to form the legs. For the feet, just draw circles for now.

Step 5

How to draw a werewolf

Now it's time to work on the head of our character. The things to watch for this step are: The nose should look like the one of a wolf. The jaw should be strong and long. The ears are tiny and pointed. You can add some hair on both side of the face. Also, make sure the snout is accurate!

Step 6

How to draw a werewolf

Now the fun part! Work and refine the outline of the body and the arms. Make sure that the waist is narrow, but the thorax is large and muscular. Also, notice how the hands are big and menacing! This "how to draw a werewolf" tutorial is going great!

Step 7

How to draw a werewolf

On the opposite, and to make sure that our werewolf looks mean and strong, you can draw small and delicate legs. Don't forget to leave a portion of your character's pants visible. That's a good clue that it used to be a human being!

Step 8

How to draw a werewolf

Finally, add some details like teeth, the eyes, the pupils and some lines to show some muscles on your character's arms.

Step 9

How to draw a werewolf

Yes! You made it! You manage to draw a nice and frightening cartoon werewolf! Of course, it might be a little more difficult to draw at first! After all, this character is a little complex to create! But just keep practicing and soon, you will know how to draw a werewolf easily eventually! Have fun!

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