How to Draw A Bunny
(Video Tutorial)

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I will show you how to draw a bunny using a simple and animated video tutorial! The character was created with simple basic shapes and it should be quite easy to reproduce.

Even if the animated tutorial was done using a vector application, I am sure that you won't have a lot of trouble creating the same bunny using a pencil, a piece of paper and your drawing abilities!

Just take your time and look at the steps as long as needed. Of course, you can pause the video if you want to. If you stick around and watch the entire video, you should see a cute animated version of the cartoon bunny at the end of the tutorial.

If you don't feel like using this great tool, you can also look at the written version available below. All the steps are there and you won't have to listen to the great music! ;)

Title: How to draw a bunny - 2:25 minutes

Important note: All videos are copyrighted. If you want to share these online tutorials, feel free to do so. Please read the terms of use available on Youtube before proceeding. All characters are original creations. Sounds and music are from If you need more information about this video, please use the contact link in the left menu.

Illustrated version of this drawing lesson

You don't have Flash installed or you don't feel like watching the video? Don't worry! You can still enjoy this nice drawing lesson using the written version below. Each step is described on the left side of the picture and all steps are there.

If you want, you can also submit your version of the bunny in the submission section of the site. Sharing your work can help others learn new things about drawing! Just click here to do so.

How to draw a bunny
How to draw a bunny
How to draw a bunny
How to draw a bunny
How to draw a bunny
How to draw a bunny
How to draw a bunny
How to draw a bunny
How to draw a bunny
How to draw a bunny
How to draw a bunny

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