How to Draw a Hippo Clipart

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A huge and lovely purple hippo clipart is the subject of this new tutorial. You will have the opportunity to create a very basic version of the hippopotamus using simple elements that are easy to duplicate. Then, you can add some colors and create a wonderful clipart illustration (all this in just a few minutes!). 

Hippos are adorable creatures. Large, heavy and often depicted in purple or pink (which is, of course, not accurate at all), these animals are mostly found in the south part of Africa. Adults hippos can weigh up to 1,500 kg and are capable of running to a speed of up to 20 mph. Although they look cute and pretty, these animals can be very unpredictable and aggressive towards people or other animals. 

You can see the final version of the character you are about to draw below. Ready? Let's work on this amazing animal now! :)

How to Draw a Hippo Clipart

Step 1

The first thing you can do is draw a large rectangle using a bold outline to form the body and the head of the cartoon character. On top of this shape, you can draw two small circular shapes to illustrate the ears of the animal. Inside the ears, add small patches using simple curved lines. 

How to Draw a Hippo Clipart

Step 2

Next, you can draw the eyes using large circular shapes. The pupils are also made from small circles. The nose consists of two long oval shapes and the mouth is done using a simple pointed line. Great! Let's proceed with the third step now ...

How to Draw a Hippo Clipart

Step 3

On the bottom of the rectangle, you can draw a tiny tail using a small triangle made from curved lines. On both sides of the body, draw two arms using straight lines. Finally, you can sketch legs on the bottom of the character using lines and small circular shapes. 

How to Draw a Hippo Clipart

Step 4

Amazing! This fun character is almost finished. Now that all shapes are drawn, why not add colors inside the character? Just like most cartoon hippos, you can use a bright pink/purple color to fill in the illustration. Patches inside the ears are brighter while the eyes are white. The pupils and the nose can be filled with a black color. 

How to Draw a Hippo Clipart

Cool! This hippo clipart looks lovely! :)

Nice work. These are all steps needed to represent this cartoon character properly. If you felt like this animal was too easy to draw, you are invited to try this other version made from circular shapes. I hope you will find everything you need to learn how to draw a simple hippo here! Enjoy!

How to Draw a Hippo Clipart

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