How to Draw A Hibiscus Drawing

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Learn how to create a hibiscus drawing made with a vector software. This colorful flower is visually quite fascinating. Filled with great colors and simple shapes, using a vector application to illustrate the hibiscus is a fun experience. 

Below you can see the final result. I will show you how to create these complex effects using simple tools and tips. Knowing how to draw is a good thing, but what makes this image so special is really all the effects that can be done using a vector software. Ready? Let's draw this beauty now! :)

Step 1

First, draw a few petals using mostly broken lines. The outline of each petal can be colored in brown. As you can see below the shapes are really simple and not filled with too much details. 

Hibiscus Drawing

Step 2

Next, you can sketch a few leaves below the flower. The outlines of each leaf can be colored in green. In the middle of the hibiscus, you can create a filament and an anther using circles and a single rectangle. 

Hibiscus Drawing

Step 3

Time to add some colors! The petals are colored in yellow. The leaves are green and the details inside are yellow and red. Simply look at the illustration below if you need more assistance for this step.

Hibiscus Drawing

Step 4

Now that the most obvious shapes are done, you can add some lines inside the petals. These lines are filled with a dark red color. Inside the leaves, you can also add a few green lines. 

Hibiscus Drawing

Step 5

Every vector application comes with a tool to help you create gradient fills. Basically, this tool enables you to add two different colors on the same shape. Inside the petals, add a dark red color. Make sure that the yellow is near the outline while the red is located in the middle of the flower. You can also add a darker green color on the top part of each leaf. 

Hibiscus Drawing

Step 6

Inside the hibiscus, sketch some large red shapes as shown below. These shapes are surrounded by a pink outline that must be removed (it was only added for readability purposes). 

Hibiscus Drawing

Step 7

Finally, draw a large black circular shape in the middle of the hibiscus. This shape is represented by a pink outline. Use transparency to partially hide the outline of this shape. On top of each leaf, draw a solid shape filled with a dark green color. Use transparency to partially hide the bottom part of these shapes.

Hibiscus Drawing

This is the final hibiscus drawing! 

There you have it! A perfect hibiscus drawing made from very simple shapes and filled with complex effects that can be done easily using a vector software. Feel free to experiment and draw more cool flowers like this one. :)

Hibiscus Drawing

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