The Power of A Funny Caricature

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You've learned everything there is to know about drawing a funny caricature. You are ready to convert your brother's head into your first original and hilarious creation. And you know you will have a blast! Your brother has a very big nose! How easier could it be?

But did you ever though about good taste and ethic? Did you ever realize that sketching the face of your brother and making it available online could make him unhappy? 

Making caricatures is a nice hobby. But it can also become a killer weapon! Chances are that if you are making a drawing of a personality or a politician, no one will bother you. 

They know that they are in the spotlight and frankly, they don't really have the time to deal with stuff like that. Laughing about a personality's mistakes or previous work, if done in good taste, won't cause you a problem. 

But if your drawing is really good and really mean and that for some reason it becomes really popular, then watch out! You might be in trouble!

If you are drawing someone you know, then the least you could do would be to let this person approve your work before distributing it. 

If your subject doesn't like it, then destroy it (or keep it for yourself!). It's all a matter of judgment.

Freedom of speech is an important aspect of any democratic society. But with that, also comes the respect of the integrity and reputation of each individuals. 

Finding a good balance between both is not obvious.

Before turning one of your drawing public, make sure that you don't go too far. Show your work to friends and family. Ask yourself what would happened if you were the subject of your caricature. 

If you don't want to be the subject of your work, then maybe you went a little too far!

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