Payhip: a simple ecommerce solution package to help you sell digital products

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If you are looking for a simple ecommerce solution package to help you sell digital products, then Payhip is definitely a good solution for you. This platform is certainly the easiest one I have used over the years and you can definitely sell e-books or any other digital files quickly and efficiently. All the basic features to sell products are included and newbies will love the simplicity of the dashboard.


Creating your store is easy and very straightforward. All you need to do is write the name of your company, upload a profile picture, write a short bio and enter your website URL. You can also enter your Twitter and Facebook account if you want to promote your work more efficiently. You can also set which currency you want to accept, if you want to receive email notifications and edit the mail customers will receive when completing a purchase. You can also customize the look of any pages from your store. Options are extremely basic, but it's nice to have the possibility to make a few changes.

When you are done, you can start adding products. Simply select a name for your product, upload a file to download and upload an image to illustrate this product. You can then add a description, select a category, upload pages as previews and limit the number of copies to be sold. Another nice option is the possibility to let customers set their own pricing.

Other interesting options from this simple ecommerce solution package includes handling affiliates to promote your work, creating coupons or social discounts and tracking orders and sales reports. Payhip doesn't charge anything for creating a store or products. Instead, Payhip is taking 5% of each sale to cover its costs.

what I Like About Payhip

No doubt that the biggest advantage of using Payhip is the simplicity of this platform. If you are new to selling digital goods online, then this platform is the most user-friendly and accessible one I have ever used. Seriously. All the basic options are available and it's almost impossible to get lost or not know how to create a product or a store while using Payhip.

The fees are also interesting if you don't plan to sell thousands of copies each month. It's also nice to know that you don't have to pay anything if your products are not making any sales on a long period of time (which can be the case when you start your online business). They are also taking care of everything related to VAT so that you can just sell products without having to deal with this part of collecting taxes.

What I Don't Like About Payhip

Advanced users probably won't like the fact that almost nothing can be customized and that some advanced features found elsewhere are not available here. You can certainly customize your store layout if you are familiar with CSS, but that's pretty much it. The 5% fee is relatively cheap, but it can be expensive once you can sell 10 copies or more on any given month.

Support is also slow from my experience (took more than 3 days to have an answer to a simple question) and the whole system seems to be built around selling e-books, which can be annoying if you want to sell images (like I wanted to), but have to deal with the license agreement that they are imposing to your customers.


No doubt that this ecommerce solution package is a good alternative for newcomers. Like I said earlier, you won't find another platform as simple as this one. If you can forget the fact that you are quite limited and that you must deal with a closed environment, then this can be a good solution (especially for just 5% per transaction).

If you are an advanced user looking for something more rich, more flexible, then you probably won't find what you are looking for here. If you would like to visit Payhip, please click here.

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