How to Draw Cartoon Characters

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Here, you can find tutorials on how to draw cartoon characters made from simple shapes like circles, rectangles and squares. You will find a wide variety of cartoon characters and people to help you learn how to draw simple designs that are easy to duplicate.

Most characters are made from the same original template. This template is made of a large circular shape to illustrate the head and a long and thin rectangle to form the body. Once you are familiar with the shape of this template, achieving most characters should be easier.

How to draw cartoon characters

Draw Cartoon Characters Using Simple Elements!

All characters are drawn within six easy steps and are made from simple shapes. Hands are created from circles and feet are also made from simple curved lines. Of course, some characters are more detailed while others are simply made entirely from a different template. Challenges are different and fun if you are a beginner! :)

This section is split into two different series: Cartoon characters and people. The character series is mostly filled with fictional characters. You will have the opportunity to draw fun illustrations like a demon, a devil, a dinosaur, a ghost, a leprechaun or a vampire. Some of these characters are more complex.

You can also work on real people like a man, a construction worker, a firefighter, a king, a mom, a lumberjack and an astronaut. These illustrations should be easier to create since most of them are based on the same temple described above.

This series was designed for beginners and people who prefer to work on something a little bit more accessible. No complex shapes are needed and only plain colors are used. Remember that these lessons are made from a vector application for better readability. It is almost impossible to reach this level of perfection using only a pencil and a piece of paper. 

Your goal should be to create something cute and highly recognizable, but not 100% similar. Don't hesitate to try each cartoon character more than once if you feel you did not reach this goal on your first attempt. 

I hope you will have fun drawing these cartoon characters. You can also work on fun cartoon animals that are made using a similar design and the same step-by-step technique. Enjoy! :)

Cartoon Characters

Cartoon People

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