How to Draw A Tropical Fish

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Not quite a standard fish, this tutorial on how to draw a tropical fish will show you how to create a more exotic creature! Carefully designed with simple triangles and circles, this adorable animal is still very easy to draw.

Unlike a normal fish that can be sketched from a circle and a triangle, this one requires a little bit more work. I will show you how to use basic elements to create a fun character that is easily recognizable and fun to duplicate. Ready? Let's draw!

How to draw a tropical fish

Step 1

This is the most difficult shape to draw, but also the most important one to sketch correctly. On the right, you must draw a long curved line. On the left, you must create a small pointed shape that will be used to create the mouth. 

How to draw a tropical fish

Step 2

Inside the shape created in the previous step, you must draw a large circle that will be used to separate the head from the body. The eyes are made from large circular shapes.

How to draw a tropical fish

Step 3

Next, draw the back fin using two large curved lines like shown on the illustration below. You can also add pupils using small circles. 

How to draw a tropical fish

Step 4

The mouth is made from a simple line with pointed ends. Two small oval shapes are added inside the pupils to give more attitude to this tropical fish.

How to draw a tropical fish

Step 5

Finally, you can create a fun pattern on top of the cartoon character using small triangles. Of course, feel free to unleash your creativity and create more patterns or different ones if you want to.

How to draw a tropical fish

Step 6

Excellent! This is a simple version that gives you the opportunity to see the complete character without any red lines and without any colors. 

How to draw a tropical fish

Cool! Now you know how to draw a tropical fish using simple lines and patterns! Hope you had fun and don't hesitate to try more animals from this site! :)

How to draw a tropical fish

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