How to Draw A Spider

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No one likes them, so it's a good idea to learn how to draw a spider to come up with a fun design that everyone will love! Using the most basic template possible, this cartoon spider is so easy to duplicate that even young kids and beginners can go through this entire tutorial without any problem.

This version is made from two large circles and a few straight lines. The cartoon insect is filled with a light grey color. The mouth and the pupils are black while the eyes are white. A small shadow was added above the head to increase readability (otherwise the body and the head would look like a single and unique shape).

How to draw a spider

Step 1

As usual, let's start with the creation of the head, but this time it must be placed on the bottom of the illustration. You can use a shape that is similar to the ones used previously for other characters from this series. 

How to draw a spider

Step 2

Next, draw the body using a long oval shape. Notice how the top end is narrower and the bottom much larger. It's also a good idea to make the shape smaller than the head to make this character even cuter. 

How to draw a spider

Step 3

Draw the legs using straight lines. This is a cartoon character, so you are allowed to cheat a little bit. Eight legs are usually necessary to depict a spider. In this case, I have used only six lines to make the illustration easier to read. Of course, the choice is yours to draw six or eight legs. 

How to draw a spider

Step 4

The pupils and the eyes are made from circular shapes. You can use large circles for this particular step. Also notice how both pupils are slightly located towards the middle of the head. 

How to draw a spider

Step 5

Finally, let's give this cartoon spider a proper facial expression by adding a large mouth and a few oval shapes on the pupils. 

How to draw a spider

Step 6

Nice work! This is a simple black and white version of the final cartoon spider. It's a simple insect to draw and don't hesitate to change a few things to create your own version. :)

How to draw a spider

These are all six steps required to learn how to draw a spider that is cute and simple to illustrate. I hope you had fun and you can also try another design here. :)

How to draw a spider

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