How to Draw A Parrot

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No need to repeat this tutorial on how to draw a parrot endlessly! The cartoon character is so easy to duplicate that you should be able to draw it on your first attempt! Parrots are lovely animals known for talking and repeating what people say. Let's draw this fun character using a simple template and a few basic guidelines!

Parrots are very colorful birds with unique features. Since we are creating a simple version of this cartoon animal, it's important to draw all parts accurately, For instance, you can add large patches around the eyes and a long beak below the eyes. Long wings, a circular patch on the stomach and a long tail are also recommended. 

How to draw a parrot

Step 1

Let's begin this lesson with the addition of the head. Use a large oval shape to represent this one. Then, on top of the head, you can draw a small hair using a triangle. Notice how the hair is facing the right side of the illustration (and not the top of it). 

How to draw a parrot

Step 2

Continue working on this cute cartoon parrot by drawing a medium circle to form the body. This circular shape must be smaller than the head. Finally, you can conclude this step by drawing a long triangle to create the beak. 

How to draw a parrot

Step 3

The legs are made from small straight lines. The smaller you draw the legs and feet, the cuter this parrot will be. Eyes are made from large circles. They should be close to each other with any contact. Same thing with the beak. 

How to draw a parrot

Step 4

The pupils are sketches with circles that are smaller (but not too much) than the eyes. Next, you can draw two long wings using curved lines. Finally, add a square behind the legs to form the tail of the cartoon parrot. 

How to draw a parrot

Step 5

It's now time to add the patches of the character's head and stomach. For the head, make sure that both eyes are surrounded by a line. You can also add two small oval shapes inside the eyes. For the stomach, draw one long curved line. 

How to draw a parrot

Step 6

Simply amazing. The result is a cute parrot made with simple lines and shapes. Don't hesitate to practice often if you didn't make it on your first attempt. Once you can draw this parrot, most birds from this series will be easy to duplicate. 

How to draw a parrot

Need more help creating this bird? Here are all six steps required to learn how to draw a parrot. All red lines are shapes that must be added for each step. Enjoy! :)

How to draw a parrot

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