How to Draw A Horse

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Feel like learning how to draw a horse can be a tough experience? Why not try this front version and see why anyone can sketch a simple horse using basic elements. Usually, tutorials on how to create a horse are depicting a side version (which is more challenging  to complete). In this lesson, I will show you how to come up with a front version of this cartoon animal. 

Why are front versions easier to achieve? Simply because everything is symmetrical. No need to draw shapes that are specific and unique. Want to create the body? Draw a circle. Want to draw the legs? Sketch a rectangle. Seriously, it could not be easier! :)

How to draw a horse

Step 1

Cool. Let's start with the creation of the head. Sketch a large circle with round corners. Unlike a perfect circle, this one must be closer to a square rather than be perfectly round. The jaw can be illustrated using a similar shape. 

How to draw a horse

Step 2

When you are finished you can proceed with the addition of the body using a large oval shape. Notice how the body and the head are almost the same width. On the bottom of the body, you can add the legs using small rectangles. For the hoof, a small square can be enough.

How to draw a horse

Step 3

Use the same technique for the back legs. Make sure that these legs are slightly higher than the ones created in front to give the illusion of perspective. The tail can be drawn using two long curved lines. Make sure that the end is narrow and pointed. 

How to draw a horse

Step 4

Ok. Now let's draw the eyes using circular shapes. Make sure that these shapes are located near the mouth. For the ears, two long triangles with a round corner on top is recommended. Finally, don't forget to add a mane using a long curved line. 

How to draw a horse

Step 5

On the jaw, you can draw the mouth using a small line. The nose is illustrated with two small dots. Pupils are made from smaller circles that are placed near the middle of the head. Finally, you can add a single line inside each ear like shown on the illustration below.

How to draw a horse

Step 6

That's it! This black and white horse is easy to draw because only basic shapes are used (and also because it is a front view version). Don't hesitate to add colors if you want to. You can select a nice variety of patterns and colors to give life to this cartoon animal. 

How to draw a horse

Enjoy this lesson on how to draw a horse and please don't hesitate to create your own version once you are familiar with this one. You can add more details, change a few things and play with your image until you are 100% satisfied. Enjoy! :)

How to draw a horse

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