How to Draw A Hamster

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This cute cartoon animal can be created using this fun tutorial on how to draw a hamster! Not only can you learn how to draw this cartoon animal, but the process to reach your goal is simple and accessible to anyone, even beginners. Simply read the instructions below and keep a constant eye on the illustration on this page for a better result. 

Drawing a recognizable version of a hamster using so little shapes can be challenging. Unlike a frog or a beaver that are gifted with unique features, a simple hamster can quickly look like a squirrel or even a rat. In this lesson, I will show you how to draw a simple version of this cute animal and give you some precious tips to make sure that the animal is visually relevant.

How to draw a hamster

Step 1

Cool. Let's begin this drawing lesson with the creation of a large circular shape to illustrate the head. Your shape can be similar to the shape of an egg, only wider. The body can be drawn using a square. Unlike other characters from the same series, we don't need a narrow body here. Just a normal shape will be fine. 

How to draw a hamster

Step 2

When you are done with the head and the body, sketch the front and back legs using circular shapes. Hamsters don't have large feet and legs, so it's important to draw these elements accordingly. Also, the back legs can be slightly higher to increase the illusion of depth in your illustration.

How to draw a hamster

Step 3

Great! The tail should be tiny and round. For the eyes, you can select two large circles and place them in the middle of the head (or slightly higher than the middle to leave some room for the mouth). The ears are represented by two large triangles with round corners. 

How to draw a hamster

Step 4

Splendid! The pupils can be illustrated with smaller circles. Don't draw these shapes in the middle of the eyes. Instead, make sure each pupil is placed slightly towards the middle of the head. The nose can be done with a small oval shape. The mouth is made from a large curved line with pointed ends. 

How to draw a hamster

Step 5

Duplicate the shape of the left ear inside this one. Repeat the same step inside the right one. You can also draw a few oval shapes inside the pupils to illustrate the effect of lighting. Finally, draw a single tooth below the mouth (and in the middle of this one). 

How to draw a hamster

Step 6

Excellent. All steps requited to draw a hamster using simple shapes are now completed. As you can see on the black and white version below, you don't need to add tons of details to end up with something visually appealing.

How to draw a hamster

Here is a resume of all steps needed to draw this cartoon animal. The colored version can be found on top of this page. You can add more details when you are comfortable with this illustration. Have fun and don't forget to try more characters from this series!

How to draw a hamster

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