How to Draw A Bunny

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This tutorial on how to draw a bunny is all you need to learn how to create this fun character! Made from a simple template and drawn using only basic shapes, this cartoon character should be easy to duplicate even if you don't have any drawing abilities.

The design of this character was created with simplicity in mind. Only important details are displayed to make sure that the character remains easy to identify and fun to draw. Below is the final version of this illustration. Let's start this lesson now!

How to draw a bunny

Step 1

First, you can draw an oval shape to represent the head. Notice how this shape seems larger on the bottom and almost pointed on top. You can also sketch the body with a long and thin rectangle. The smaller you create the body, the cuter the final illustration will look like! 

How to draw a bunny

Step 2

Time to draw the legs! Once again, you can use circular shape to create the front and back legs. The legs on the back are slightly more difficult to illustrate because they are the result of two different shapes placed together. The front legs are relatively easy to duplicate.

How to draw a bunny

Step 3

To create a cute bunny, we need to create cute ears. Unlike the rabbit who is drawn with very long ears, this bunny is represented with two large and round ears. For the eyes, you can use two large circles to add even more cuteness to a character that is already adorable! :)

How to draw a bunny

Step 4

Let's work on the face to make this character expressive and alive. First, you can add large pupils made from circles. Don't draw these circles in the middle of the eyes. I prefer to make the pupils a little bit closer to the nose. 

The mouth can be created from a long curved line. For the teeth, simply add two small squares. As for the nose, a small triangle will be perfect. Good work!

How to draw a bunny

Step 5

Let's complete this cartoon animal with the addition of a line inside each ear. A small (and round) tail can be drawn on the right of the illustration. Two small oval shapes are also added inside the pupils to illustrate reflection. 

How to draw a bunny

Step 6

Fabulous! This is the final result with no colors. Of course, feel free to add more details, more colors or simply draw your own version. This is just a template to guide you and hopefully, one day you will find your style and create your own unique character ... if it's not already the case.

How to draw a bunny

Here are all six steps together in one single illustration. It should help you get a better idea of what you need to do to create this cartoon animal. Hope you had fun with this lesson on how to draw a bunny! 

How to draw a bunny

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