Deer Drawings
(Sketching + Vector)

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Deer drawings are difficult to achieve. Proportions are not always easy to create and the result must be a mix between elegance and precision! Fortunately, I think you should be able to complete this fun drawing lesson featuring a simple design of a cute cartoon deer.

Don't forget that drawing is all about practicing. Draw this character over and over again until you are 100% satisfied with the result. It's the most effective tip I can give you! :)

Step 1

Deer drawings

The first step would be to create a sketch using basic shapes and simple curved lines. Start with the eyes, the body and the legs. Feel free to create something slightly (or completely) different if you wish.

Step 2

Deer drawings

Then, you can add details like the pupils, the mouth and the patch on the stomach. Great! Now you need to convert your drawing into a digital file to proceed with the next step.

Step 3

Deer drawings

Open your vector application and draw the outlines of the character using thick and irregular lines. Be careful to select a width that is not too thin (or the cartoon effect will be lost) or not too large (or the drawing could look bizarre). 

Step 4

Deer drawings

It's now time to add plain colors to your cartoon character. As you can see, most colors are brown (or similar to). All elements on the far side can be colored with a darker tone of color. 

Step 5

Deer drawings

Select the gradient tool and add a first effect to your illustration. You can select each shape individually and add a darker tone of color on the bottom of each shape. 

Step 6

Deer drawings

I said earlier that deer drawings are hard to create, but it can be even more difficult if you need to add more shapes to create additional shadows. Just make sure that these new shapes are added in relevant areas. 

Step 7

Deer drawings

Grab your transparency tool and partially hide each shape added previously. The goal is to have subtle shadows that will enhance the character without making it too hard to read. 

Step 8

Deer drawings

Finally, create more shapes by duplicating those below to create reflections. I have decided to apply this effect on the nose, the head and both legs.

Step 9

Deer drawings

Once again, select the transparency tool and hide the bottom part of each shape. The result should look amazing by now! With these great reflections, our deer drawings are alive and more professional than ever! Good job! :)

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