My Recipe to Create Cute Cartoon Animals

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If your goal is to create cute cartoon animals, then you might be interested in the few tips I will give you to make sure your drawings will reach that goal!

Before drawing cute animals, you need to make sure you know what makes this animal so special. How can you play with the unique body parts of your animal to make it more enjoyable and realistic possible? 

Let's take our pig as an example (2).

The pig has a very recognizable curly tail and some small ears. Notice also how the nose is big and... well ugly! But to make this pig more adorable, you just need to play with the uniqueness of your animal in the most simple way possible! Just look at my pig. 

The body? A straight circle! The eyes? Two big circles with dots inside! And the tail?


By using fewer shapes than the average drawing, you will put emphasis on the most important part of your animal. And by doing so, your animal will have more chance of being cute to the eyes of your readers!

Just take a look at the shark (5). It's probably the most complicated cartoon of this set. And most likely, the one who would be chosen last as being the cutest of them all. 

Not because it's a shark. Just because the drawing is more complex, more close to reality than the others.

Using big round eyes is also helping to make your creation more adorable. But you can still manage to draw a cute animal with simple eyes, like the tiger (4) who has two dots instead of circles for the eyes.

Another good tips to make cute animals is to try avoiding straight lines. All of these five characters are made with curve lines. It is possible to make a cute cartoon only with straight lines. But the challenge is greater.

Don't forget to draw a solid outline to give personality to your artwork. None of these cute cartoon animals will look as cute if they appeared sketchy or unfinished.

So basically, my recipe is simple:

  • Study your animal and extract what makes them special.
  • Keep your drawing simple. No useless lines...
  • No straight lines if possible.
  • Big round eyes. It's a winner!
  • A nice and firm outline.

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