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How to describe Stefan G. Bucher, owner of the website The daily monster? I would say someone who encourages you to create your own monster, to develop your creativity! If you are not familiar with the work of this very original artist, I encourage you to take a look at the interview I did with him below! 

You will see that having drawing skills is important to becoming a great artist! But you also need to be passionate and dedicated to your work! Read on to find more...


Hi Stefan! What is your background in the illustration industry? 

Stefan G. Bucher:

Well, I just started drawing as a kid and never stopped. After a while I figured out that people would pay me for my work. I got my first drawing printed at 12, and did my first client work at 15. Over the past 21 years I've just found different ways of getting my stuff out there. A lot of times I pose as a graphic designer, so I can hire myself to illustrate.


I'm sorry, but I really have to ask.... Why monsters?


Stefan G. Bucher:

They appeared to me. Which sounds unbelievably lame and frou-frou, but it's true. My ideas are usually the product of lots of thinking and a fair bit of sketching. But in this case, a Monster appeared on my arm as I was driving. I made my way home, picked up a pen, and it all went from there.


How did you end up creating a blog about monsters? What is the story behind "The daily monster"?


Stefan G. Bucher:

Initially, I put the Monsters into a book called "Upstairs Neighbors." I created the Daily Monster blog in part to promote that book to publishers, but it took on a much bigger life of its own. Mostly, I wanted to pretend to be my old drawing teacher Norm Schureman, who draws beautifully at high speeds. It's very sexy. I can't do that, but thanks to the magic of time lapse I can cheat.


There seems to be a strong sense of "community" in your work, like inserting comments from your blog into your book/DVD package. How important is it for you?

Stefan G. Bucher:

It's crucial! Having the community spurred me on to keep going every day, and it gave the Monsters a depth I didn't even know they had. For somebody who spends 90% of his life alone at his desk it's been a revelation to collaborate with so many excellent, creative people.


I also notice that you have created "the world's tallest monster". How did you came up with this idea?


Stefan G. Bucher:

When I had to take a break from making Daily Monsters I wanted to find ways of keeping the community going. HTML pages have no vertical limit, so I thought it would be great to have a Monster that can keep growing forever.


Do you have a favorite monster? One that you are really proud of for a special reason?

Stefan G. Bucher:

Monster 100 holds a special place in my heart, but there are so many that I love. Some I bond with immediately, others only reveal themselves in the animation at the end. They're all unique personalities. Though they all seem to be a bit neurotic and befuddled.

Part 2: Stefan's techniques and advice! 

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