THow to Create A Comic Strip

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What should you do before you create a comic strip? Creating your first comic strip can be something really exhilarating. You now have the opportunity to bring your talent as a cartoonist to a much higher level.

You have chosen your subject, create your characters... you are all set. Well at least you think you are! Let's go through some basic tips to help you start your comic strip on a right note!

The first thing you need to do is choose the right subject. Want to use a talking animal as the main character? Not really original is it? Well, it might be if you manage to find a new angle on this subject. 

Make sure that you are motivated enough to draw a character for a long period of time (if that's your goal, of course!).

Next, try to define your character's personality, motivation and write down his past. The more you know about him, the more credible he will look like in the eyes of your reader. 

No one wants to follow the adventure of a boring and uni-dimensional character. Next, you should try to figure out what format to use to create your comic strip! Do you want to create a comic that will run on one page, three panels or just one panel? 

This is important because you won't be able to tell much about your character if you choose to draw only a one panel comic strip.

Then, start finding new ideas to write the text. Just look around you! What are people talking about? Something funny happened to you or someone you know? Why not use this to write a joke?

Another good way to come up with good jokes is, for example, to imagine what would happened if your character, who is a successful business man, would do if he was stuck in an elevator with a homeless man!

Once you have found some stories to write about, try to play a little with your texts to make sure that you will write them in the most effective way possible. Only keep the most important part of a text and get rid of words or sentences that are useless and that don't bring anything new to the story.

Then, you should be more prepare to start writing and to create a comic strip that will make your friends and your readers laugh!

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