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In this section of the website, you will find comic book reviews that could be interesting for someone who wants to be a cartoonist one day. These books are valuable resources that will help you understand different aspects of comics or cartoons in general. 

Of course, these reviews are 100% subjective and your opinion may be different regarding these various resources. My goal is to help you decide whether a book or a comic strip might be interesting for you or not.

Don't hesitate to suggest new books to me through my contact form (see the bottom of the navigation menu). It's a big world out there and it's hard for a single person like me to keep track of all the resources that are available on the internet (or offline!).


Understanding Comics (1993)

understanding comics

Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art by Scott Mccloud is an insightful and unique book on the wonderful world of comics. Created like a real comic book, Mccloud is going beyond the traditional step-by-step drawing lesson by depicting the very nature of comics like how to use time, space and lines gracefully and how to use text and images together. 

The fact that the entire book is done like a comic strip is also nice. Images are powerful and the illustrations and examples that Mccloud is providing are valuable and very helpful. 

This book is highly recommended!

Reinventing Comics (2000)

reinventing comics

Definitely not as interesting as Understanding comics, this second attempt by Scott Mccloud can be a good alternative if you are looking for something fun (instead of really informative) to read.

Still using the comics format, this time, Mccloud is exploring other aspects of comics like publishing, distribution and the internet. Webcomics are also a big part of this book.

Some aspects of the book are really worth reading. Things like distributions of comics and the lack of originality in the cartoon industry are fascinating and insightful.

Making Comics (2006)

making comics

In the end, "Making Comics" is another good reference that is closer to the quality of the first one, "Understanding Comics". Although not as interesting or fascinating as the first book, this third attempt is really worth the price and should be on your list for next Christmas too!

Even if "Reinventing Comics" was a little bit of a let down compared to the other two books, Mccloud's trilogy is definitely something every comic book lovers should own. Easy to read, loaded with useful tips and concepts, making comics as never been more stimulating than ever!

Face Off (2006)

face off

Drawing caricatures is not an easy task. "Face Off" from author Harry Hamernik is focusing on giving you the right tools to create the best caricatures possible. You probably won't be able to deliver top-notch drawings after using this book, but it will certainly help you in the process of becoming better at drawing human figures.

The book is fully illustrated and in color. With over 30 models and hundreds of illustrations available, it is relatively easy to figure out what the author is expecting from us in each tutorial.

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