creating A Cherry Blossom Drawing

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Learn how to create a beautiful cherry blossom drawing using a few simple tips and a vector application. This wonderful flower is simple, delicate and visually quite fascinating. I will show you how to draw a cherry blossom using just enough details and colors to end up with a fun illustration that should be easy to duplicate. 

The final version (shown below) is mostly made from basic elements like circles and lines. A few simple effects are needed to create a little bit of depth and volume. Let's work on this cool image now! :)

How to Create A Cherry  Blossom Drawing

Step 1

First, draw the petals using circular shapes. These shapes are irregular and filled with small lines to give some texture to the illustration. Don't hesitate to look below if you need a reference. 

How to Create A Cherry  Blossom Drawing

Step 2

Once the petals are done, you can draw the center of this cartoon flower. All you need to do is add some circles in the middle and sketch a few lines. More circular shapes are needed at the end of each of these lines. 

How to Create A Cherry  Blossom Drawing

Step 3

Time to add some colors! The petals are filled with a light pink color. The center dots are yellow while the ones on the outside of the lines are red. Don't use black for the outlines. A darker color (like dark pink for the petals) is a better idea. 

How to Create A Cherry  Blossom Drawing

Step 4

Using the gradient fill tool, add a second color on the petals. This color can be a darker version from the one added earlier. This color must be placed near the center of the cartoon cherry blossom. You can also use this tool to add more volume to each circle. 

How to Create A Cherry  Blossom Drawing

Step 5

Finally, you can duplicate the petals and filled these new shapes in white. You can also reduce the size of these new shapes. Using transparency, you can hide the left of each of these shapes. 

How to Create A Cherry  Blossom Drawing

You should end up with a cute cherry blossom drawing! :)

Below you can see the final version. The previous step is also easier to read on this illustration. Nice work! The result is a delicate cherry blossom that was drawn in just six easy step. Don't hesitate to create your own version and have fun drawing more cartoon flowers from the same series! :)

How to Create A Cherry  Blossom Drawing

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