How to draw character cliparts

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Do you want to learn how to draw simple clipart characters? Would you like to create amazing illustrations using only basic shapes, elements and colors? Great! In this section of, I will show you how to draw several cartoon characters like an alien, a dentist, a firefighter, a clown or a superhero using basic shapes.

Fortunately, these lessons are perfect for beginners and are also accessible to young kids. Most illustrations are created from a large rectangles and several small circles making these lessons easy to duplicate. You can either use a vector application (just like I did) to illustrate all characters or draw using a good old pencil and a piece of paper. 

Results may be visually more interesting using a vector application, but this won't help you learn how to draw cool characters as much as drawing with a pencil would. You can see below an example of a lesson found in this section. This alien clipart is mostly done from rectangles and circles and only four easy steps are required to complete the character.

Alien clipart

Relax, take it easy and follow each step carefully if you want to end up with a beautiful character like the one found above. Cliparts are easy to create if you take the time to place all the right elements where they should go. Most characters are done using a similar template, so once you are familiar with a character, illustrating the whole series will become very easy.

It's also a good idea to practice as often as possible. In this case, postures are pretty basic (all characters are shown from a front view) so learning how to draw perfect circles and rectangles is all you need to do. You don't need to be familiar with the human anatomy to create enjoyable characters. You can save this part for later!

Below you can find the list of all characters available in this section of the site. I hope you will have fun sketching these characters! Enjoy! :)

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