How to Draw A Cartoon Policeman

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This cartoon policeman seems pretty happy! Being a policeman can be a very difficult job! You need to deal with tough people and your hard work is not always appreciated! Whether you love the police or not, we need them to provide security in our cities.

The new trend is to form community officers! This new approach is based on the fact that the job of a police officer is not only to catch thieves, but also to educate and create a bond with their community.

Does it work? Hard to say! However, one thing is sure: there is nothing more satisfying than witnessing a good old pursuit between a cop and a bandit.

Step 1

Cartoon policeman

Step 2

Cartoon policeman

Step 3

Cartoon policeman

Step 4

Cartoon policeman

Step 5

Cartoon policeman

Step 6

Cartoon policeman

Step 7

Cartoon policeman

Step 8

Cartoon policeman

Step 9

Cartoon policeman

Step 10

Cartoon policeman

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