Enhance Your Work Using Beautiful Cartoon Characters Created Especially For You!

I can draw amazing cartoon pictures for you!

Imagine creating the product you want using a custom illustration made especially for you. Imagine that you could enhance your web site with a fun cartoon character that represents the values and the theme of your online business. Imagine adding a nice animation to your application ...

Stop dreaming! You can now enjoy my drawing services and enhance any project of yours immediately!

With more than 2000 cartoon images created over the past 8 years, I can definitely help you bring all your ideas into life. I have been drawing for 35 years now and I will be more than happy to create the perfect illustration or animation to help you enhance your work and create something visually appealing.

A Wide Variety of Services to Suit Your Needs

You can now order anything you need to start your project including beautiful 2D animation, fun animated gifs made from plain colors, great cartoon characters done using perfect shapes, funny comic strips featuring adorable characters or exclusive digital illustrations. All these images and animations can be used to create anything you have in mind!

Here are more details about all services currently available:

2D Animation

2D Animation - $37 Per Second

Enhance your site, application or any other work with a simple 2D animation featuring great cartoon characters created with bones and colorful backgrounds drawn using a vector application.

All files are delivered in a QuickTime format (in high quality) and are ready to be used! Animations are created with Anime Studio Pro.

Price: $37 for each second of animation

You can see an example here

Animated Gif

Animated Gif - $137 (Reg. $197 - save $60)

Another great alternative if you want to add animation to your work is to use simple animated gifs. These little files are perfect to display ideas quickly and effectively and can be used in applications, presentations or on any websites. You can have them play in loops or simply go through the whole animation once.

With up to 12 frames per file, you can increase conversion rates, add more interaction to your project or simply make this one visually more appealing.

Price: $197 for a simple animated gif

Cartoon Character

Cartoon Character - $77 (Reg. $97 - save $20)

Do you like the simplicity of characters found on this site? Do you think that these characters would be perfect to enhance something you have in mind? Once again, I can help you! 

For just $97, you can get your hands on a fun cartoon animal or character that will be delivered in high quality JPEG and transparent PNG. Use this fun illustration to create any products you can think of, even logos or trademarks. Drawing simple and adorable characters like the ones found here is the most popular request I get, and by far! Don't hesitate to order your custom illustration now! :)

Price: $97 for a cartoon character

Comic Strip

Comic Strip - $137 (Reg. $197 - save $60)

Another great technique to bring more visitors to your site is to offer simple funny comic strips. With up to two adorable cartoon characters and one fully illustrated background, you can create any stories you have in mind and add something valuable to your project.

Comic strips are also a nice tool to share messages, sell products, display instructions or simply add more life to a presentation, a book or an application. Unleash your creativity and bring your project to another level today!

Price: $197 for a simple comic strip


Illustrations - $127 (Reg. $137 - save $10)

Cartoon characters are great, but maybe you are looking for something different to enhance your work like a colorful landscape, a gorgeous waterfall, an simple object, a planet, a small room, a beautiful flower or even a large building.

I can also draw beautiful cartoon illustrations involving anything else you have in mind. Simply use the form below to send your ideas and I'll be more than happy to let you know how I can help you make your dream illustration come true.

Price: $137 for a simple illustration

Simple and Quick Creation Process

The whole process behind the creation of your custom illustration or animation is simple and straightforward. Everything is done through your email account and usually, you can get your images within a few days depending on how quickly you are able to answer to your email.

1. Submit Your Project Using the Form!

First, you need to fill in the form available on the bottom of this page. Then, I will review your submission and contact you to start the project. When both parties are ready to proceed, the first payment is made (50%).

2. The Creation Now Begins! Let's Start Sketching!

Sketching is the most important part of the creation process. It's time to experiment and choose the style you like the most. 3 initial Sketches are created and sent for approval until you are 100% satisfied with one of them.

3. From Sketches to the Polished File!

Once the final sketch is approved, I will create the illustration or the animation. When you are 100% satisfied with the final version, the second payment will be made (50%). 

That's it! As you can see, my goal is to make sure that your project is done quickly and delivered in a convenient way!

Three Original Handmade Sketches to Choose From

Three Original Handmade Sketches to Choose From

Once you are ready to get started, I will create three different sketches based on your comments, suggestions and recommendations.

Whether you need a cute cartoon character made from basic shapes or a complex animal filled with details, you are in complete control!

Then, simply select the most interesting illustration from all three propositions so that I can create even more sketches for you to choose from.

Unlimited Revisions Until You Are 100% Satisfied

Unlimited Revisions Until You Are 100% Satisfied

Do you feel like the head of the cartoon character should be wider? Longer? Smaller? No problem! I will draw these modifications for you!

No matter which part of the character you want to change, you will have access to unlimited revisions until you are 100% satisfied.

Then, once you are happy with one of the character I have sketched for you, I will draw a full color vector version made from perfect shapes and vibrant colors.

High Quality Files For a Visually Stunning Illustration

High Quality Vector Format For a Visually Stunning Illustration

When the project is completed, you will have access to high quality JPEG files and beautiful transparent PNG images.

Using these high quality formats in huge sizes,, no doubt that you will be able to create wonderful products and applications in minutes!

Animation comes either in Quicktime (highest quality) or as an animated gif file. Adding cartoon images to your project has never been easier!

Images and Animations are all Yours Forever

Unlike royalty-free images that come with restrictive licenses, everything created through my services are 100% yours! No need to share these images with others or purchase additional extended licenses! You will have the freedom to create all the products you want and make all the modifications you need! No matter where you are in the universe, these images and animations will remain yours forever!

Smile! Your Satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed!

Your satisfaction is my top priority! I will do everything to create the perfect illustration or animation using your instructions and comments. You have access to unlimited revisions and small changes are possible, even after the final file is delivered! If, for whatever reasons, you are not 100% satisfied with your illustration or animation during the creation process, then you can always ask for a refund. Please read the refund policy in the FAQ section below to learn more.

Submit Your Ideas Now! I Can Help You!

Once you are ready, you can submit your ideas using the form available below so that I can give you a quote for your project. To speed up the process, make sure that you add as many details as possible.

I need to know things like:

  • How many images do you need?
  • What is the length of your animation?
  • Do you need simple or complex designs?
  • What is the style you are looking for?
  • What is the level of details (simple or complex illustration?)

I will try to answer to your request as quickly as possible. Please note that I usually don't work during week-ends, but I do answer to emails if needed.  Also note that each project is different. Prices may vary.


Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.
2D animation
Animated gifs
Comic strips

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I can draw cool cartoon pictures for you!
I can draw cool cartoon pictures for you!
I can draw cool cartoon pictures for you!

Still Have Questions? I Have the Answers!

If you still have some questions, then maybe you will find some answers below. Otherwise, you can always use the contact form if you need assistance or if you want to learn more about my drawing services. I'll be more than happy to let you know whether I can help you with your project or not. Please note that only the form above can be used to submit a project, not the contact form.

What is the format of your illustrations and animations?

All images are delivered in high quality JPEG and PNG files with a transparent background. Animation can be delivered in simple animated gif or in high quality Quicktime format. You can select the quality (HD) and the frame rate of the video or the animation. Please note that I am not providing sounds, voices and editing. 

How to do proceed with payments?

All payments are made through Paypal (in US dollars). A first payment of half the total amount of the project is required to start the creative process. Once the final design is approved and the drawing or animation is created, the other half of the payment should be made before all files are delivered through your e-mail address.

What is the license for the custom images?

There are no restrictions for using images or animations created through my services. You can even sell the illustration if you want to! When all payments are completed, you are the only owner of these files and you do own all copyrights associated with them. A release with all the information you need will be delivered to you once the final payment is made.

However, please note that sketches that were sent to the client, but not approved by the client are still the property of How-to-draw-funny-cartoons.com (for example, if you receive three sketches and decide to move on with only one of them, then the other two sketches are still my property).

What is the refund policy?

Refunds can only be made during the creative process. An administration fee of 20% of the total of the project (per new design/image/video) will be deducted from the refund. This fee is covering the time spent on the creative process. Once the client has giving is approval for the creation of the final image(s) or videos, refunds are not possible.

If you ask for a refund, all images and videos created and delivered through your e-mail address remain the property of How-to-draw-funny-cartoons.com. All refunds are made through Paypal only. Paypal may take a transaction fee. These transaction fees are not included in the refund, but are deducted from it.

Can a project be canceled?

Yes, I reserve the right to cancel a project at any time if I feel during the process that I might not be able to deliver the files or move on with this project (for whatever reasons). A full refund (100%) will be delivered to the client for the amount already paid at that point. If you, as a client, wish to cancel a project, just read the refund policy above to see the conditions.

Terms of use for this service

Before moving on with your submission, please make sure that you have read the terms of use applicable for these services. By filling in this form and using my services, you agree to be bound by the terms of use available in this link as well as everything described on the page you are actually reading.