How to Draw A Cartoon Parrot

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In this tutorial, you will learn how to draw a cartoon parrot. This intelligent bird is well-known for being able to mimic human speech. Who hasn't seen a movie with a parrot standing on a pirate's shoulders while repeating everything this one is saying!

They might not be able to say all the things you can hear in movies, but they are intelligent enough to associate simple words and create meaningful sentences! That's quite fascinating coming from such a small animal!

Be careful not to draw an eagle as you are trying to illustrate your parrot. Both have a solid neck and a strong beak! However, your parrot should be pretty colorful, something that will help you represent them accurately in this easy step-by-step tutorial! Enjoy!

Step 1

cartoon parrot

Step 2

cartoon parrot

Step 3

cartoon parrot

Step 4

cartoon parrot

Step 5

cartoon parrot

Step 6

cartoon parrot

Step 7

cartoon parrot

Step 8

cartoon parrot

Step 9

cartoon parrot

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