How to Draw Cartoon Pants

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This tutorial will show you how to draw cartoon pants! I know what you are gonna say! Pants are not really a body part! They are still a useful piece of clothing that you need to draw accurately in order to make your character look more believable! Just like the human body, pants should be drawn organically with style and... folds!

Step 1

How to draw cartoon pants

First, draw a rectangle to create the top of the pants.

Step 2

How to draw cartoon pants

Next, sketch two long rectangles to form the legs of the pants. The distance between both shape is important. If the two legs are too close, it might look like your character will have trouble moving. If the legs are too far from each other, then your piece of clothing won't look realistic at all.

Step 3

How to draw cartoon pants

Continue working on your illustration by drawing a nice and irregular outline. Notice how the bottom of the pants are slightly larger and rounder.

Step 4

How to draw cartoon pants

Add some rectangles to form the belt loops and the belt itself.

Step 5

How to draw cartoon pants

Now work on the outline of the belt loops and the belt to complete the sketching parts. Your pants should look great by now! Let's add some details to make it look even better!

Step 6

How to draw cartoon pants

Add some lines to represent the folds on the pants. One line (the one in the middle of the legs) will be used to create the fly. Two other lines (on each side of the pants) are used to illustrate the pockets.

Step 7

How to draw cartoon pants

Now let's add some shadows! Since pants are loaded with folds, some shadows will be created on the pants! I usually add shadows below each fold since the source of the light will likely be above the pants.

Step 8

How to draw cartoon pants

Add some nice colors and you are done! A nice pair of jeans drawn in only a couple of minutes! Your biggest challenge in this drawing lesson will be to reproduce the folds of the pants. It's hard to draw them accurately (or in a realistic way). So don't hesitate to practice this part of the lesson more often! Enjoy!

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