How to Draw A Cartoon Mosquito

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Learn how to draw a nice and cute cartoon mosquito! No doubt that spiders should be man's best friend! After all, they are eating most of the annoying insects that can be found around us! 

And unfortunately that must include the subject of our next lesson! The mosquito! Who wasn't bite by one of these ferocious creatures at least once? Still, let's try to see how we could draw one that will look cute, friendly and harmless!

Step 1

How to draw a cartoon mosquito

First, draw a nice circle to form the head of our new mosquito friend! To make it look more adorable and cute, sketch two big circles to create the eyes! Remember, the bigger, the better!

Step 2

How to draw a cartoon mosquito

Next, draw two more oval shapes to form the body of this insect. The first one should be small and the second one, long and thin.

Step 3

How to draw a cartoon mosquito

Now, add four arms to your character's body. Each arm will be composed of one circle and a long and thin rectangle. Make sure that all four arms are connected to the main part of the body, the one on top!

Step 4

How to draw a cartoon mosquito

Continue building your creature by drawing two simple lines to form the legs like shown in the image above. And for the mouth (or if you prefer the more accurate name, the proboscis!) just sketch a long and thin rectangle for now!

Step 5

How to draw a cartoon mosquito

Let's refine some parts of our mosquito to make it look more appealing! The bottom part of the body should be pointed on each end and larger in the middle section. To create the hands, just draw two fingers (one short and one longer). That will be enough to illustrate a nice mosquito!

Step 6

How to draw a cartoon mosquito

Now work a little bit on the legs to make them thicker and more precise! For the long and pointed mouth, make sure that the top is under the right eye, but over the left one. You can add two eyebrows to illustrate a more expressive character!

Step 7

How to draw a cartoon mosquito

A mosquito wouldn't be that annoying without its four little wings! Just add four rectangles behind your character for now.

Step 8

How to draw a cartoon mosquito

Finally, complete the sketching of your character by refining the wings (notice that they are getting narrower as they are approaching from the body) and draw the pupils.

Step 9

How to draw a cartoon mosquito

Just color your cartoon mosquito in black and grey and you are done! To make the wings more convincing, don't draw the outline in black. Instead, use a light grey color to express the fragility and mobility of the mosquito's wings! Bravo! You've now created a nice and cool character that will live forever without being a menace to your health! Good job!

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