How to Draw A Cartoon Mermaid

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This easy tutorial will help you learn to draw a cartoon mermaid, one of the most beautiful mythological sea creature! No doubt that mermaid are intriguing and fascinating creature! 

They are known for singing to people and gods to distract them and make them fall into the sea! So just stay focused and try to draw a nice mermaid without being distracted by this beautiful fantasy character!

Step 1

How to draw a cartoon mermaid

First, draw an oval to represent the head. You can give a slight angle to your shape like shown above. Next, draw a rectangle to form the body of your mermaid. Don't make it too big! This creature is thin and fragile!

Step 2

How to draw a cartoon mermaid

Next, you will sketch the tail of your character. Start by drawing a rectangle to illustrate the thigh. Then, draw a circle to form the knee. When you are done, just sketch another rectangle to create the calf. Finally, draw two triangles to form the tip of the tail.

Step 3

How to draw a cartoon mermaid

Now, let's draw the arm of our mermaid! Do this by sketching two rectangles to illustrate the arm and the forearm of your character. You can do the hand simply by adding a circle for now.

Step 4

How to draw a cartoon mermaid

OK! This is going great! Hope you are not too distracted by the nice voice of this enchanting character! Continue your artwork by refining the outline of the head. Make sure that the chin is a little bit narrower.

Step 5

How to draw a cartoon mermaid

Now the body! Of course, real mermaids are usually not wearing any clothes. So just work on the outline of the body without drawing any piece of clothing.

Step 6

How to draw a cartoon mermaid

Finally, just work on the tail to make it look more natural, almost similar to the one of a big fish or a whale. The line of separation between the tail and the body should be located near the waist.

Step 7

How to draw a cartoon mermaid

Once you are done, add some details to your sea creature. You can sketch big, nice eyes. A tiny nose and a small mouth. You can also draw some lines to represent the scale on the tail of your mermaid.

Step 8

How to draw a cartoon mermaid

The last step would be to add some hair to make your mermaid more attractive and appealing!

Step 9

How to draw a cartoon mermaid

Just add some nice colors and now you have a cute cartoon mermaid ready to charm sailors with her memorable voice! Like you can see, drawing a mermaid ain't so difficult if you already know how to draw a fish and a cartoon girl! I hope you had fun drawing this cute sea creature! Have fun!

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