How to Draw Cartoon Heads

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Learning how to draw cartoon heads is quite important since this part of the body is mostly visible in all the drawings you might make involving a human being! 

You might draw characters from the chest up and forget about the legs or the feet, but the head is rarely exclude from a drawing! It is the most expressive and relevant part of a character!

To create a cool looking head, you just need to draw a good template using a circle, a square and a single line for the jaw. From there, just sketch you character's head on the template and you are done! Both the vertical and horizontal lines on the face will help you draw the eyes and the nose on the perfect spot! Enjoy!

Step 1

cartoon heads

Step 2

cartoon heads

Step 3

cartoon heads

Step 4

cartoon heads

Step 5

cartoon heads

Step 6

cartoon heads

Step 7

cartoon heads

Step 8

cartoon heads

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