How to Draw A Cartoon Ghost

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Drawing a cartoon ghost: some fun facts before starting sketching!

  • Ghosts (if you believe in them!) are usually seen peering out of windows or in mirrors. 
  • Most pictures of ghosts are easily explained (flash reflections, long exposure or dust on the negative).
  • Favorite subject of many horror movies!

Step 1

How to draw a cartoon ghost step 1

Do you believe in ghosts? Are you afraid of a them? Most likely not... The picture above is really the most cliche representation of the ghost you can get: A kid with a white cloth on the head and two holes near his eyes so he can see! Wow! Not really frightening! Still...

Step 2

How to draw a cartoon ghost step 2

The shapes of this little "Halloweenesque" creature are quit simple. One circle for the head and some rectangles to form the folds. Two small circles are also used to create the eyes.

The basic shapes are important when you start drawing your ghost but they become useless very fast. Playing with the ghost visibility and/or transparency will be important too.

Step 3

How to draw a cartoon ghost step 3

Our example start with a circle for the head and a triangle for the body. Draw the outline of the ghost using a long curved line and then erase the circle and triangle. Add the eyes and the mouth and that's it! In this case, I set the transparency of the ghost to 50% and I erased the bottom a little bit.

Step 4

How to draw a cartoon ghost step 4

Once again, it's time to play and try to create a mean ghost (6), a cute one (5) or a funny one (3). You can also try to put a skull instead of the head or draw a human-like figure to pose as your ghost. Don't forget to play with transparency (4) to add a more realistic effect!

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