How to Draw A Cartoon Football Player

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This simple tutorial will help you learn how to draw a cartoon football player that is big, mean and ready to do anything to win the game! To play football, you either need to be big and hard to move or strong, fast and capable of running through the entire field without getting hit! Unfortunately, in my case, I should stick with hockey or baseball!

This drawing lesson is obviously focusing on a big and large player (you know, the one with the defensive team). To draw this character accurately, you need to draw large shapes and make sure that your player will be intimidating enough to scare the hell out of the other players!

Once your drawing is finished, you are invited to post the result on this site! Just go here and submit your image in the appropriate category. Don't hesitate to submit your illustration! It's always fun to see what others are doing with tutorials on this site! Enjoy this drawing tutorial!

Step 1

cartoon football player

Step 2

cartoon football player

Step 3

cartoon football player

Step 4

cartoon football player

Step 5

cartoon football player

Step 6

cartoon football player

Step 7

cartoon football player

Step 8

cartoon football player

Step 9

cartoon football player

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