How to Draw Cartoon Food

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Drawing cartoon food can be quite easy (think of an egg!) or difficult (a hamburger with legs and arms?). Still, we interact with food at least three times a day (but I know that unfortunately, it's not the case for everyone, which is a shame!). 

How to draw cartoon food

This section of the website will help you learn to draw food like an apple or a tomato, a hamburger or a pizza and a slice of bacon served with eggs (just complete both tutorials!). 

But don't be fooled! Even if some of these lessons might seem easy at first, I voluntarily added some small twists to make things more interesting. You will learn to use perspective or add some shadows to your food! You might even learn to add some emotion to a hamburger (unexpected, isn't it!). 

So grab a pencil and a piece of paper and make sure that your stomach is empty and ready to be filled by special nutrients... nutrients of knowledge and imagination!

Here are all drawing lessons featured in this series:

The joy of drawing delicious cartoon food!

Nothing is more enjoyable than drawing delicious cartoon food like strawberries, eggs or pizzas! Most of the food that you can draw can be done with just a few basic shapes. Nothing complicated, just a few lines and some vivid colors!

How to make my food look good and delicious?

In fact, your biggest challenge will be to create food that is visually interesting. Textures and lighting are crucial. Most fruits are juicy and often covered of water, so it is not easy to depict all these qualities through a simple illustration.

Don't hesitate to add dark areas to illustrate shadows. It's also important to add bright colors (and white areas that are exposed to lighting) to create even more contrast and bring your food to life.

Don't worry! Each tutorial is filled with all the explanations you need to create the perfect dish. Unlike vehicles that require the use of accurate shapes and proportions, your goal when drawing food is to get the textures and appearance right.

It's a tough challenge if you are a beginner, but it can definitely be done if you follow these drawing lessons carefully and practice as much as possible. Enjoy!

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