How to Draw A Cartoon Flamingo

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This simple tutorial will help you learn to draw a cartoon flamingo! Did you know that the reason some flamingos are pink is only because they are eating some healthy bacterias through their food supplies? 

However, that might not explain why they stand on one leg! But with these two characteristics alone, it's really easy to recognize a flamingo from a turkey! Let's try to draw a nice flamingo in this new and easy tutorial!

Step 1

How to draw a cartoon flamingo

Like most characters, you should start your artwork by sketching the head of your flamingo. First, draw a nice oval shape to form the head. This shape should be thin and slightly leaning towards the ground. Next, add to circles to illustrate the eyes. The one on the left should be behind the head and the right eye.

Step 2

How to draw a cartoon flamingo

Now let's work on the beak. The top of the beak should be round and medium in size. When this shape is drawn, just add a small triangle under it to represent the tip of the beak.

Step 3

How to draw a cartoon flamingo

Move on to the body of your flamingo. Just sketch a nice a long oval shape to create the body. When you are finished, add two rectangles to form the neck of your character. The head, the neck and the body of your flamingo should look like a "z" right now.

Step 4

How to draw a cartoon flamingo

Since flamingos are standing on one leg most of the time, sketch one leg standing and another one up in the air. For the one standing on the ground, just sketch a long and thin rectangle. Add another one on the bottom to illustrate the feet. For the leg that is up in the air, draw it using three rectangles like shown above.

Step 5

How to draw a cartoon flamingo

Now it's time to convert these basic shapes into a recognizable animal! Work on the outline of your flamingo. You can add some feathers on the top of the head and on the tip of the wing. Also, make sure that the neck is curved and delicate.

Step 6

How to draw a cartoon flamingo

The beak of the flamingo is not quite the same as most birds. You can observe two different colors on it. That's why you must draw a line in the middle to separate these two parts. You can also draw the pupils of your character.

Step 7

How to draw a cartoon flamingo

When you are done, work on the outline of the legs of your flamingo. You can draw a thin line near the bottom of the wing to create this one.

Step 8

How to draw a cartoon flamingo

Just color the tip of the beak in black and the body in pink and you are done! You now have a nice and colorful cartoon flamingo! I hope you had fun drawing this original animal! And remember to practice as much as possible!

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