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How to draw a cartoon boat

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Drawing a cartoon boat: some fun facts before starting sketching!

- The world record for speed by a boat on water is around 310 mph.

- Cargo vessels are the biggest boats you could find on the sea.

- Some yachts can be sold for $50 million or more.

How to draw a cartoon boat step 1 This tutorial will help you learn how to draw a simple boat. This boat is made of a mainmast (2), the bow (3), some nice decorative flags (1) and a rudder (5).

Don't forget the main sail and the deck! This boat is a pirate one. That's why it looks a little messy!

Since there are many many kinds of boats, you won't be able to learn all the different parts in this tutorial!

How to draw a cartoon boat step 2 The shapes of our little pirate boat are really simple. The body of the boat could hold in a long rectangle.

The main sail is long and tiny. The rudder is a small triangle.

The four flags are made of a long and very narrow triangle. The rest of the boat is drawn with simple lines and a couple of rectangles.

For this example, let's draw a simple white boat. Draw a rectangle like the image below to form the body of the boat. Next, draw a square in the middle (and on top) of your rectangle. Now try to draw a more detail outline of the body of your boat.

Next, draw three rectangles to form the roof and the chimney. Draw a circle for the port-hole and add some color for a better looking boat!
How to draw a cartoon boat step 3

Now you can try to draw a smaller boat (like a launch) if you prefer (2). You can also try the simplest way to draw a boat (5) by drawing one rectangle and two triangles!.

Drawing a boat is not so difficult. Just keep practicing and have fun!

How to draw a cartoon boat step 4

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