How to Draw Cartoon Birds

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Drawing cartoon birds: some fun facts before starting sketching!

  • Some birds, like pigeons, can fly at 100 miles per hour. Some falcon can reach the astonishing speed of 200 miles per hour!
  • The particular color of wild flamingos, pink, might be due to the fact that they eat lots of shrimp.

Step 1

How to draw cartoon birds step-1

For this bird lesson, I decided to pick the image of a cute blue and white budgie as an example. This animal has a small orange beak (1), some cheek patches (2), black and white wings (3) and a breast covered white blue feathers (4).

The budgie also has two small orange legs (5) and a long, thin black and white tail. These birds are very popular as domestic ones.

Step 2

How to draw cartoon birds step 2

This animal's shape is made of an oval for the body and a circle for the head. The wings and the tail are long and thin. The beak is very small. The feet are thin and delicate. Notice how the line on the back of this bird is almost straight. 

On the other hand, the breast is round and soft. This animal could be easy to draw just by taking a good look at the shapes on your left.

Step 3

But for this example, let's try to draw a simple bird. First, draw a square for the head and a bigger one for the body. Next, work the outline of the head a little bit and add some eyes. Then, work the outline of the body and draw the beak of the bird. 

Continue your artwork by sketching the wings and the legs. Finish your creation with the addition of the pupils and the tail. Congratulations! You just draw a simple funny bird!

Step 4

Birds can come in many shapes and many colors. You just need to find out what you really want to draw and start practicing! A funny bird (5)? A simple one (4)? A little more realistic (6)? It's your choice! 

Don't forget to add color, any color! Only birds and fish can give you the possibilities to experiment different colors! Enjoy!

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