Camel Drawing
(Sketching + Vector)

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This camel drawing is featuring a cute and "kind of sleepy" cartoon character. Are you able to reproduce this illustration? Camels are not the easiest animals to draw. With their long legs and round bodies, it can be easy to end up with something not very accurate.

Just like horses, you need to pay attention to small details if you want to create a drawing that is genuine and somehow realistic. Let's draw a cute camel using this advance step-by-step drawing tutorial.

Step 1

Camel drawing

First, let's sketch the cartoon character. Start with the eye and when you are done, add the head and the ear. I always (or at least most of the time) create the eyes first. I think it's easier to build around the head.

Step 2

Camel drawing

Next, draw the body and the legs of the character. Some areas are not closed because other elements will be added in the next step. 

Step 3

Camel drawing

Finally, you can complete your camel drawing by adding various details like the nose, the hair, the tail and the legs on the far side. I think that the drawing looks good for now. Let's move on with the "vector" portion of this tutorial. 

Step 4

Camel drawing

The first thing you should do on your illustration is to sketch the black outlines. Once again, I like to select a line that is irregular (narrower on both ends). The result is more interesting and... less boring!

Step 5

Camel drawing

Complete this step by sketching all other lines required to finish the character. Now that the outlines are created, the sketch on the bottom can be removed definitely.

Step 6

Camel drawing

You can now add plain colors to your character. To do so, you can either create new shapes under the outlines, duplicate outlines and use them to create new plain shapes or simply close the outlines and make a shape out of them.

Step 7

Camel drawing

Select the gradient tool and apply a shadow effect on all elements of the camel. Of course, the bottom part of each shape must be darker since the light is probably placed over the cartoon character. 

Step 8

Camel drawing

To create stronger shadows, we need to add darker shapes on a few targeted areas. The goal is to add some depth to the illustration. Be careful not to add too many shadows. If your drawing is loaded with dark areas, this one will be harder to read. 

Step 9

Camel drawing

Select the transparency tool and partially hide the top part of each shape. You should end up with subtle shadows, which is perfect to properly enhance the illustration.

Step 10

Camel drawing

Reflection is also important to create a more realistic camel drawing. You can add a few lighter shapes on the camel like shown above.

Step 11

Camel drawing

Of course, we need to use the transparency tool again to create a subtle reflection on the body. Good job! Our little camel friend is now finished and ready to be displayed! Enjoy!

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