How to create a simple bulldog illustration

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Sketch and draw a beautiful bulldog illustration using this accessible lesson that can be completed by everyone, including beginners! You will learn how to create a cute character made from irregular lines and filled with plain colors in just nine easy steps.

Bulldogs aren't exactly the most popular dog on earth. These fellows have a bad reputation and are often depicted as being naughty, dangerous and aggressive. Are all bulldogs like that? Certainly not! In fact, the owner plays a huge part in the friendliness of the animal! Ready to draw this dog? Cool! :)

How to create a simple bulldog illustration

Step 1

Let's begin this lesson by sketching a few basic shapes to help us create this cartoon bulldog. You can begin by sketching to large rectangles to form the body and the head of the character. Then, draw two small oval shapes on top of the head to illustrate the ears.

On each sides of the head, draw two more oval shapes to form the bottom part of the head. Finally, sketch more circular shapes on the bottom of the body to represent the front and back legs.

How to create a simple bulldog illustration

Step 2

Now that we have a few basic shapes to help us create this bulldog illustration, let's draw a wide variety of small lines to form the character. Notice how the ears are small and the particular shape of the head. Once you are finished, you can erase all orange shapes used as a guideline.

How to create a simple bulldog illustration

Step 3

Inside the head, draw two small dots to create the eyes. Above the eyes, sketch small straight lines to illustrate eyebrows. The nose is made from a triangular shape and the mouth consists of three different lines as shown below. 

How to create a simple bulldog illustration

Step 4

More details are needed to complete the drawing part of this lesson. First, draw two small triangles to form the teeth. Then, you can create a patch around the mouth using two small lines. Inside the paws and the legs, you can also draw a few additional lines.

How to create a simple bulldog illustration

Step 5

In the wonderful world of cartoons, bulldogs are often filled with a dark grey color. Let's follow the same path using plain colors. You can make the patch around the mouth slightly darker while the pupils and the nose can be even darker than the patch.

How to create a simple bulldog illustration

Step 6

Notice something different from the previous bulldog illustration? If you don't, then it's perfectly normal because the modification is quite subtle. Indeed, all small lines are now filled with a dark grey color instead of a black one.

How to create a simple bulldog illustration

Step 7

You can also add a few basic shadows using additional shapes filled with plain colors. These new shadows are located inside the pupils, the eyes, the side of the head, the body and the legs. All these new elements are slightly darker compared to the rest of the body.

How to create a simple bulldog illustration

Step 8

A little bit of texture can also be added inside this bulldog illustration using small pointed lines. Although this technique might seem simplistic and rather easy to implement, the result is still satisfying.

How to create a simple bulldog illustration

Step 9

This is the final version once all steps are completed. It's up to you to decide the level of details that you want to achieve in your illustrations. You could go on with this example and add more details, textures, gradient fills, highlights and more ...

How to create a simple bulldog illustration

Cool! A nice bulldog illustration done within minutes!

These are all nine steps required to draw this bulldog within a few minutes. I hope you had fun working with this cartoon character and don't hesitate to try more animals from the same series.

How to create a simple bulldog illustration

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