How to draw a boss clipart

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Learn how to draw a simple boss clipart that is friendly, good-looking and easy to create. Bosses are not always popular among workers. Sometimes they are demanding, tough and hard to work with. Fortunately, most bosses are not like that. They are just working with you so that you can reach a common goal: having success. 

In this lesson, we are going to illustrate a colorful version of a happy boss drawn with simple elements like rectangles, circles and lines. Nothing complicated, nothing difficult. Are you ready to proceed with the first step? Great! Let's draw a cool cartoon boss now!

How To Draw A Boss Clipart

Step 1

First, sketch the head of the boss using a large square. Then, add the body below the head using a small rectangle. The legs are also represented by a rectangle, but a smaller one. When you are done, you can add the eyes using circular shapes. The pupils are also done using smaller circles. Finally, you can complete this step by drawing a small curved line.

How To Draw A Boss Clipart

Step 2

As your boss would say: nice work! You can now draw the ears using tiny circles. The arms are created from long and thin rectangles. The hands are made from small circles and the feet are illustrated with long curved lines. Great! We now have a cool cartoon character. Let's add some features so that it could look like a credible boss!

How To Draw A Boss Clipart

Step 3

On both sides of the head, draw some lines to create the hair. Above the mouth, add a mustache using and oval shape with pointed ends. Add some elements on the shirt like a tie and two small pockets. Now that the drawing part is over, let's add some plain colors inside this boss clipart. 

How To Draw A Boss Clipart

Step 4

The head, the ears and the hands are filled with a simple skin color. The hair, the feet and the mustache are colored in brown. The suit is colored in grey while the tie is red and the pupils are blue.

How To Draw A Boss Clipart

Nice work creating a friendly boss clipart! :)

In just four easy steps, we were able to illustrate a nice cartoon boss made from basic shapes. I hope you had fun drawing this cartoon character and don't hesitate to try the other version of a boss I created for this simple tutorial. Have fun with both characters and don't hesitate to draw your own version using basic elements. :)

How To Draw A Boss Clipart

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