Animal Drawing Tutorial

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In this section of the website, each animal drawing that you will learn to draw will be created from simple basic shapes. However, I will show you how to draw these animals from sketching to vector versions. Each step is well documented and very easy to follow. Of course, you need to own a vector software (and be able to use it properly too! :)

When possible, additional tips on how to make your sketches better or how to use tools from a vector application can also be available. My goal is to make sure that you can draw the cartoon character every steps of the way. 

Animal drawing

The first step of every tutorial is sketching. It might seem like a simple one, but creating a good and effective sketch requires some good drawing skills. It's easy to come up with useless lines or unusable shapes.

Fortunately, since all cartoon characters are simple and well-designed, you should be able to reproduce these illustrations quite easily.

Animal drawing

Once the sketches are done, it's time to create a clean and professional version of your character. Using a vector software is always a good idea. Most vector software are easy to use and very effective.

You can create several basic effects quite easily. Chances are that you will even create cartoon animals using new techniques that you thought were impossible or too difficult.

Animal drawing

Creating a simple 2D character can be done by anyone, but adding realistic effects like shadows can be a little bit more challenging. In this section, I will give you all the tips you need to create stunning shadows and reflections that will enhance your illustration.

My goal is to show you that it is not as tough as it might seem to come up with something nice and visually appealing in a few minutes only. You just need to know how to use the right tools.

Animal drawing

Like you can see on the image above, I will also display a few basic tips to help you understand how to achieve certain effects like slicing shapes or creating transparency.

Since most vector software are different and that I don't want to use a specific application in my examples, you might need to read the help file of your software to select the proper tools.

Like I said earlier, this section is not for everyone. You need a few basic skills to duplicate the sketches and owning a vector application is a must.

I hope you will have fun creating these cartoon animals and don't forget that your animal drawing will be as good as you want it to be. Have fun and I hope you will enjoy these drawing lessons! 

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